Our partnerships

Our strong partnerships really differentiates us and allows us to achieve great things by working together.

Consultation with employers

The department keeps its teaching and research up to date through regular consultation with a range of employers and professional groups drawn from local, national and international businesses and public sector organisations.

We have formed two groups of partners, for Construction (Construction Consortium)and for Property (Real Estate Consortium) who work with us to ensure that our courses meet the needs of employers. These partners also offer our students sponsorship, placement and graduate employment opportunities.

The Department also supports the Architecture Centre in Bristol which exists to foster a greater understanding and enjoyment of architecture and to promote the value of a better built environment. Our links with the Centre enable us to work closely with a range of architectural practices and leading architects.

Accreditations and professional bodies

We recognise the importance of professional qualifications therefore, all our courses are accredited by the relevant professional bodies, where they exist. Our staff members are professionally qualified and also active within professional bodies, in supporting research, consultation and accreditations at other institutions and advising on educational policy.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

KTPs are one of the ways in which the department helps organisations to improve their competitiveness and productivity, by giving them access to the knowledge, technology and skills that we have developed.

Each Knowledge Exchange Partnership employs one or more high-calibre Associates, who are recently qualified graduates. Here are some of our KTPs:

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