RHC book series

Regional History Centre and Redcliffe Press Studies in Local History

Series editors: Madge Dresser, Peter Fleming and Steve Poole

A new series of lavishly illustrated books taking a fresh look at the history of the city of Bristol and its connections with the surrounding region, produced in partnership by the Regional History Centre and Redcliffe Press.

 The first book in the series, A City Built Upon the Water: Maritime Bristol 1750-1900, edited by Steve Poole, is now available from all good booksellers or direct from Redcliffe Press:

A City Built Upon the Water features essays by David Hussey ('The Hotwell and the Port of Bristol'), Nicholas Rogers ('The Pill Pilots'), Matt Neale ('Crime and Maritime Trade'), Mike Breward ('Crewing the Slave Trade'), Peter Malpass ('The Dock Company'), Katy Layton-Jones ('A Picturesque Port or a Sublime Scene'), Steve Poole ('Introduction' and 'Foreign Sailors and Knife Crime', and Spencer Jordan ('The Myth of Edward Colston').

Forthcoming titles:

Madge Dresser (ed.), Women and the City: Bristol 1400-2000
Marie Mulvey-Roberts (ed.), Literary Bristol: Writing the City
Peter Fleming (ed.), Sounds of the City: Five Hundred Years of Music Making in Bristol

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