Make and Think

The Make and Think research group aims to capture the practical and philosophical arguments that arise through the engagement in processes and materials through rigorous critical attention to skills based art and design practice.

About the group

The Make and Think Research Group seeks to:

  • Explore and define the role of hand skills, materiality and the value of process in contemporary creative practice.
  • Share and develop the skills base of its members by the creation of a forum for artists/designers/makers to develop and question their skills and practice.
  • Offer mutual mentoring support for its members.
  • Explore the nature and potential of collaborative practice.
  • Develop a teaching and learning resource in order to offer students access to a level of insight and knowledge from established artists/designers/makers.

Practice as research is at the heart of this group’s activities and its membership of academic, technical and research staff, along with established designers and makers, provides a breadth of critical enquiry to test, define and expand knowledge generated by this approach to research.

Staff members

Contact us

For enquiries about the work of Make and Think, please email

Related research

Make and Think builds on the work of the Enamel, Textile and Ceramic Applied Arts group.

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