Film and Television Studies Research Group

We are a vibrant and supportive group; our members produce nationally and internationally respected research and publications.

Our group of staff and postgraduate students conduct research across a range of areas, including:

  • film genre (biopics, crime, musicals, romantic comedy, science fiction)
  • film and music; gender, sexuality, ethnicity, class, nation and generation
  • the role of the producer
  • British cinema
  • radical British filmmaking; and
  • second screens.

Editorial boards

Members of the group edit or serve on the editorial boards of the following journals:

Our forum

We provide a forum in which to share work-in-progress and to develop collaborative projects. In addition, support research and public events.

Conferences and symposia

Our conferences and symposia have focused on:

  • Imamura Shohei
  • Charlie Kaufman
  • the legacy of Margaret Thatcher
  • radical British screen media
  • animation research and practice
  • filmic representations of ageing
  • media representations of Chávez’s Venezuela.

We have also hosted numerous guest speakers, including Catherine Constable, Kay Dickinson, Laura Marks, Diane Negra, Steve Shaviro, Rod Stoneman, Sarah Street and Mike Wayne.

Furthermore, filmmakers such as Mozambican Gabriel Mondlane, Algerian Yamina Bachir Chouikh and Iranian exile Mania Akbari.

Bristol Radical Film Festival

We founded the Bristol Radical Film Festival, who introduce events for organisations such as:

In addition, we speak at many national, regional and local venues, including the Watershed, the Arnolfini and the Cube.

Staff members

If you would like to find out more or establish connections, please email Mark Bould at

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