Creative Media Research Group

Media practice in the 21st-Century

What does it mean to be a media practitioner in the 21st-Century? Radical shifts in theory and practice have often been provoked by technological change. In the same way that photography challenged approaches to the visual arts, new and evolving technologies are constantly challenging our assumptions about the work we make and how we share it.

About the Creative Media Research Group

Staff within the Creative Media Research Group are concerned with making work that addresses those assumptions, that negotiates the space between craft and experimentation, established media and new forms and platforms, and the languages we use to articulate - and disseminate - our work in those spaces.

Working under a broad umbrella of creative media practice, the CMRG encourage a wide body of practical outputs including:

  • Documentary
  • Narrative
  • Dramatic film
  • Multiplatform production
  • Community media practice
  • Pervasive technology projects
  • Experimental participatory live performances
  • Repurposed material filmmaking

Members of the CMRG edit the on-line journal ScreenWorks, publishing practice based work that produces new knowledge in Communication, Media and Cultural Studies, Art and Design, Performing Arts and related fields. The group is also represented on the editorial board of the Journal of Media Practice.

We hold regular research seminars and organise ground-breaking events, including 'Postdigital Encounters: Creativity and Improvisation' the Journal of Media Practice Sympoisum 2011, and idocs an annual conference on interactive documentary. Members also have links with the Digital Cultures Research Centre and the Pervasive Media Studio.

See our CMRG blog for an overview of our projects.

Group members

Name Position
Tom Abba Associate Professor, Art and Design
Abigail Davies Associate Head of Department, Lens and Moving Image
Alistair Oldham Senior Lecturer, Media Practice
Rod Dickinson Senior Lecturer, Media Culture and Practice
Judith Aston Senior Lecturer, Filmmaking and Creative Media
Rachel Mills Associate Head of Department, Design
Terryl Bacon Senior Lecturer, Contemporary Media and Film
Dominic Grant Senior Lecturer, Filmmaking and Creative Media
Shawn Sobers Associate Professor, Lens-Based Media
Liz Banks Senior Lecturer, Photography, Film and Moving Image
Charlotte Crofts Associate Professor, Filmmaking
Arril Johnson Senior Lecturer, Animation

If you would like to find out more about the group or establish connections with us please email the chair, Charlotte Crofts.

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