The Bristol Role-Play Corpus


This Corpus comprises the sound-files and transcriptions of a collection of 3-minute dialogues by native and non-native speakers. Each pair of students role-plays a scenario in which they must argue the case for working for money versus voluntary work during the summer holidays. The resulting dialogues allow for comparisons to be made between native and non-native spontaneous speech. The Corpus is a monitor corpus which is added to each year and currently comprises:

  • 92 native speakers of English, students at UWE (28,608 words)
  • 28 L1 Albanian, Czech, French, German, Spanish and Vietnamese students at UWE (7,419 words)

The dialogues can also be compared with similar dialogues recorded for the SWELCC Corpus of Chinese Learners of English.

Works which draw on the Corpus include:

Zheng, Qun 2012 A Sociopragmatic Study of Discourse Markers in Spoken British and Chinese

English. Unpublished PhD Thesis, UWE, Bristol.

Beeching, Kate forthc. “Variability in the non-native use of pragmatic markers:   the example of well in role-play data.” In Kate Beeching and Helen Woodfield (eds.) Researching Sociopragmatic Variability. Perspectives from Variational and Interlanguage Pragmatics.  Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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