Assessing and Reviewing Cultural Transaction in International Companies (ARCTIC )

ARCTIC is a project supported by UWE Bristol and the Universities of Surrey, Bristol, Wales (Newport), the University College London, and the Bristol, Surrey and South Wales Chambers of Commerce.

Aims of the project

ARCTIC  aims to explore the language and intercultural barriers UK SMEs feel they face when trading abroad (or with international partners) and when attempting to enter new export markets. ARCTIC will also record the SMEs perceived needs for training in languages and intercultural skills.

How the project works

The ARCTIC team, through the three collaborating Chambers of Commerce, will work with SMEs, principally in the geographical areas of Surrey, Bristol and South Wales. The results will feed into the development of the Export Communications Review (ECR) and the training programme for language consultants working with UK export SMEs. The project aims to raise the public awareness of the personal, economic and societal value of intercultural awareness and language learning.

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