Research at Bristol Centre for Linguistics

The research strategy for the Centre capitalises on different areas of linguistic expertise in the Centre focused around the Sounds Bristolian project (2015-2020).

About the Sounds Bristolian project

The Sounds Bristolian Project celebrates the kaleidoscope of languages, language varieties, language styles and language identities which make the City of Bristol distinctive. The project takes an inclusive and multidisciplinary approach to the salience that language has for people living in Bristol, drawing on a range of stakeholders and research expertise, to ensure community engagement. Specifically, it does not shy away from considering language impairment, language difficulties and therapeutic approaches as part of this inclusive picture.

Sub-themes emerging from the project include: The History of the Bristolian Dialect; Bristol Languages and Language Policy; Bristol Bilingualism; The Use of British Sign Language in and around Bristol; and Dementia Talk.

Current research in the BCL

Specific research projects within the centre are: 

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