Bristol Centre for Linguistics seminar series

The Bristol Centre for Linguistics (BCL) runs a series of research seminars throughout the year. All seminars are free to attend.

Seminar series 2017-18

Seminars will be held on Wednesdays, 13:0014:00, mainly in room 2S611 from 18 October 2017 until 11 April 2018.

18 October 2017  Lucy Jones, Nottingham University
Subverting otherness and challenging ignorance: The interactive construction of discursive identity in a transgender youth group

1 November 2017 Silke Brandt, University of Lancaster
Developing understanding of different perspectives in language and false-belief tasks: Evidence from German, English, and Mandarin

22 November 2017  Anu Koskela, De Montfort University
Extended uses of names: From paragons to analogies

6 December 2017 Laura Kilby, Sheffield Hallam University
'Forgiveness' as an unforgiving act: Exploring the interplay of image and text

7 February 2018 Sylvia Jaworska, University of Reading
Public discourses on multilingualism in the UK: Benefits of using a mixed method approach to study discourse

21 February 2018 Harry Parkin, Westminster University
Technical language and semantic shift in Middle English

7 March 2018  Sara Pons-Sanz, University of Cardiff
The Gersum Project: Classification and analysis of Norse-derived terms in Middle English

11 April 2018  Minna Kirjavainen-Morgan, UWE Bristol *Room 2S604*
I want hold Postman Pat – An investigation into the source(s) of grammatical errors in children’s language

Previous seminars

Seminar series 2016-2017

12 October 2016 Joshua Birchall
Morphosyntactic features in South American languages 

19 October 2016 Peter Racz
Social salience discriminates learnability of contextual cues in an artificial language  

26 October 2016 Septhia Irnanda, UWE Bristol
Phonological awareness and word reading acquisition in Acehnese-Indonesian bilingual context

2 November 2016 Mercedes Durham, Cardiff University
Performing a Welsh accent on Twitter: How, but also, why?

23 November 2016 Laura Arman, University of Manchester
Impersonal morphology and verb classes

8 February 2017 Paulo Mariano, University of Warwick
The interference of orthography in the pronunciation and phonological awareness of Italian learners of English

22 February 2017 Damien Mooney, University of Bristol
Phonetic transfer during language contact: The mid-vowels of Occitan-French bilinguals

Seminar Series 2015-16

21 October 2015 Kate Beeching/Emily Robinson/James Murphy/Richard Coates (UWE Bristol)
“Sounds Bristolian”: Generational shifts and geographical diffusion

28 October 2015 James Murphy (UWE Bristol)
Refusals to apologise and using apologies to refuse

11 November 2015  Ellen Smith (University College London)
Contact in Papapana

18 November 2015 Geoffrey Sampson (University of Sussex)
William Gladstone as Linguist 

25 November 2015 Karen Sage (UWE Bristol) 

Seminar Series 2014-15

15 October 2014 Laura Wright (University of Cambridge)
Geography, Literature, Onomastics: The rural and suburban history of Sunnyside

22 October 2014 Harry Parkin (UWE Bristol)
West Midlands English dialect revealed by tax returns

5 November 2014  Markus Schiegg (University of Bristol)
Variation in lower-class writing: 19th century patient letters from southern Germany

12 November 2014  Richard Coates (UWE Bristol)
Some more aspects of the Pragmatic Theory of Properhood

28 January 2015  Rik Cheston (UWE Bristol)
Analysing the accounts of people affected by dementia 

4 February 2015  James Murphy (UWE Bristol)
Political apologies in non-monologic settings

11 February 2015  Sue Roulstone (UWE Bristol)
Speech therapy and child language development

25 February 2015  Maj-Britt Mosegaard-Hansen (University of Manchester)
Patterns of thanking in UK service calls

4 March 2015 Alison Wray (University of Cardiff)
Formulaic language, language processing and interpersonal communication

11 March 2015 Rubén Chacón-Beltrán (University of Madrid)
Grammar checking in English and Spanish

25 March 2015  Tony McEnery (Lancaster University)
The Spoken British National Corpus 2014 Project

Seminar Series 2013-14

16 October 2013  Vit Dovalil (Prague and Freiburg)
European language policy: A legal perspective

13 November 2013  Isabelle Needham-Didsbury (University College London)
Metaphor in psychotherapy: Implications for utterance interpretation
4 December 2013  Petros Karatsareas (UWE Bristol)
Caveats for contact linguistics from Cappadocian Greek
11 December 2013  Catherine Rosenberg (UWE Bristol)
‘Making sculptures out of smoke': Using narrative and creative writing to develop students' reflexivity

5 February 2014 Richard Ingham (Birmingham City)
The role of Anglo-Norman in the history of English: shift-induced contact influence?

5 March 2014 Richard Coates (UWE Bristol)
Where are the limits of the name? Some remaining issues with The Pragmatic Theory of Properhood

19 March 2014 Julie Blake (University of Bristol)
Creole in local newspapers

26 March 2014  Jonathan Charteris-Black (UWE Bristol)
Metaphor, agency and chronic pain Abstract


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