Nikki - PGCE Art and Design - 2014 graduate


I chose UWE Bristol because I loved the way that it gave me the opportunity to spend time within the university developing my own skills as well as development within school placements. Being creative and getting involved and trying new processes and materials out for myself is something I have always been interested in.

UWE Bristol was the only university that seemed to offer this at length – a chance to continue the creativity that brought you into the profession and an additional way to carry on learning.

A fantastic year

I had a fantastic year at UWE Bristol. The staff support was fantastic. They were always on hand for help, advice and support. I loved the chance to complete mini projects and explore new and exciting things including enamelling, stained glass and pottery throwing. Despite there being 18 students on the course (which at first felt like too large a number) it was in fact perfect! Everyone found their fit and we all bonded together to help and support each other. We had plenty of school experience whereby you found yourself very much in the real world. The placements were tailored to your needs as well as with locations that were accessible. The final few weeks were concluded beautifully by a cross curricular event at Chepstow Castle. It was a brilliant way to round up and consolidate everything we had learnt – along with a chance to have fun.

Adapting new skills to the classroom

Seeing the ideas from many different schools allowed me to take what I felt would work into other schools where they could be of benefit – allowing me to contribute to creating a new society.

Learning the skills and ways to implement behaviour management gave me the confidence to walk into the classroom and deal with what comes. Engagement within a classroom is a vital part of teaching and by being introduced to new and different ways to teach gives you the stepping stone to build on and expand your practice. As a form tutor, I now take an active role in developing the whole child. From the basics of manners to complex social situations, I am creating bonds and connections with my students that will help them to grow.

Prepared for the future

By completing a course at UWE I was able to gain the knowledge and qualifications to go out into the world and secure a job and career that I enjoy. It increased my confidence to go for future jobs and I really feel that I have something new and exciting to offer a future school.

Ultimately I want to run a department and I feel ready and prepared to take this on in the future.

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