Sarah - MA Education

Sarah is studying the MA Education whilst working as Head of Inclusion at Ralph Allen School, Bath.

What are the benefits of studying at postgraduate level?

Analysing and reviewing the systems within which I work in terms of context: local and government policy and school strategy in action, influencing the way in which professionals work.

What do you like best about your course?

I like the way in which the course empowers professionals to feel that they can evaluate their professional practice. The course is well designed in the way the student is acknowledged by the allocation of MA points for work achieved already in a professional setting. Research methodologies are studied and discussed using specialists with particular passions and experiences. The tutoring was excellent: encouraging, thought provoking, creative and supportive. 

What aspect of the course did you find the most useful in your professional practice? 

The course enabled me to appreciate the way in which research can propose positive change through scrutiny and analysis, listening to those experiencing the reality of an institution.

Has studying for an MA enabled you to improve pupils’ learning experiences? If so how?

I feel that I have improved the way in which I analyse student experiences. I believe I have improved the way in which I can engage with students learning by allowing them the opportunity to reveal themselves to me via discussion groups and interview. I think that I am more aware of the way in which students deal with the imposition of adult intervention. I feel more confident about encouraging students to share their ideas about their learning experiences and believe that this has had a positive impact on my overall understanding of student learning and school improvement.

Has studying at MA level had an impact on your work

I believe I have gained more confidence in discussing my professional work with other professionals including senior managers in a way that addresses whole school need.

In what other ways, do you think you benefited from your study?

I feel more impassioned about my vocation and now have a desire to either write or become more involved in research

Do you think it will help your career prospects? 

Yes, I believe so in the way that I outline above, and as a pre-requisite to completing an NPQH, which my Head Teacher has now invited me to apply for.

Why did you choose to study at UWE, Bristol? 

UWE offered me the course that I was interested in. I had an excellent advisor. The course was designed in a way that seemed to me to be do-able at the same time as my full-time teaching work.

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