Karen - BA(Hons) Education in Professional Practice

Karen studied a Foundation Degree for 2 years, followed by a BA (Hons) Education in Professional Practice. 

“I was attracted to the course as it was full time and so I got funding, however I could continue my job as it is a work-based degree.  I liked the fact that it was every Thursday afternoon, enabling me to continue my work and also to have a consistency that allowed me to sort out child care arrangements - my children were 9, 12 and 15 when I started the course.

My job plans are to now go on to teacher training.  I am looking at the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP)  which will allow me to carry on earning while I get my teaching qualifications.  My school are keen for me to progress and would like me to stay in their school too, and so I hope to take this route.

I would certainly recommend this course for anyone who started as a Teaching Assistant in a school and wishes to progress, however it is very hard work!  I found years 1 and 2 difficult and year 3 a lot harder again, but I am very proud of myself and as an unexpected bonus I am turning into a positive role model for my children, the oldest of which is hoping to start university herself in September!”

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