Jade - BA(Hons) Early Childhood

Studying at UWE Bristol gave Jade the confidence to go into the workforce and strive for better services for children.

What were the benefits of coming to an open day at UWE?

On the open day, the tutors showed a really good understanding of the sector, gained through knowledge and experience of working. The open day also gave me really good insight into what was involved in the course.

I found out what we would be learning and the opportunities that would be available to us at the end of the course, such as going into teaching, social work or other opportunities in the Early Years sector.

I chose to come to UWE because the tutors were a lot more personal. They came over and spoke to me and answered all my questions on an individual basis - as well as in a group setting. UWE has a community feel about it, and I felt that I would be well supported here.

Why did you choose to study BA(Hons) Early Childhood at UWE Bristol?

The BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies gives you a strong foundation for future career prospects. The course has given me a lot of opportunities to go out on work placements and move on with my career.

It has given me the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of professionals, from tutors in the university to other professionals in the workplace. The course has given me the practical experience - as well as the theoretical knowledge - of child development.

This experience has given me confidence to go out into the workforce and push forward for high-quality services for children. It has allowed me to see first-hand the importance of early childhood experiences and the practitioner’s role in supporting children.

What has been your experience of teaching at UWE?

The teaching at UWE has been amazing. All of the tutors have had careers in the Early Childhood sector or Education, so they've been able to provide valuable insight.

Can you give three words to describe your experience at UWE?

Fun, challenging and supportive.

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