Raysfield Junior School

School profile by Jon Bird

Raysfield Junior School is a two form entry junior school, situated between Yate and the village of Chipping Sodbury. It works very closely in a ‘soft federation’ with its partner school, Raysfield Infants School. There are eight classes, with seven full time teachers, one job share and a part time teacher, with responsibility for inclusion and intervention.

The children come from a very mixed socio-economic background, are broadly average to above average ability on entry and make good progress during their time at the school, achieving standards in line with the national average.

The school has particular strengths in the extended schools provision, especially in sport and the arts, with awards for Artsmark, Sing Up, Eco Schools and the national ‘Go4it award’ (for schools with a ‘can-do’ approach and improvement through innovation and enterprise). It also has effective systems in place for care for vulnerable children and multi-agency working.

Raysfield Juniors has a long history with UWE. Each year we support between two and five students.

How does the school benefit from having trainees?

Trainees bring new ideas and initiative to the school, which helps staff to continually reflect on their own practices.

How does UWE support the training of mentors and what impact does this have on the professional development of mentors?

I, as the student mentor, have been through the mentor training with UWE, strengthening coaching and mentoring, to support students and staff.

How does the work the trainees undertake benefit the children’s learning and the school as a whole?

Often initially working with small groups, with specific focus on the needs of particular ability groups aids children’s grasp of next steps in their learning. Through students’ whole class teaching, teachers are able to assess and observe the needs and development of specific children, as well as feedback and coach the development of students.

What are the key skills the trainees gain from working with you in school?

Planning, organisation and collaboration.

In what ways has the school gained from being in partnership with UWE?

This helps us to continually reflect upon our own practices in seeking to shape the next generation of teachers and improve our own teaching.

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Nicola Liles
Health and Education Placement Manager
Tel: +44 (0)117 328 1150
Email: Partnership@uwe.ac.uk

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