Ashley Down Infant School

School profile by Susie Weaver

We are an infant school with 180 pupils: two class cohorts at Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Our community is diverse and we have children and families who speak a range of languages. We have developed an enriched creative curriculum, with a clear focus on the development of key skills. We have a long standing partnership with UWE, which has developed significantly over the past two years. Whilst we have not had the capacity to support placement trainees (due to significant numbers of college trainees) we have been able to work with UWE in a range of ways.

How does the school benefit from having trainees?

Trainees benefit from observing outstanding learning and teaching and from engaging with children and staff in the development of creative learning skills based activities. The school benefits from being involved in a range of creative and innovative projects. 

How does UWE support the training of mentors and what impact does this have on the professional development of mentors? 

From personal experience I can only comment on the way UWE supports this through engaging with partners and considering ways to strengthen the training.

How does the work the trainees undertake benefit the children’s learning and the school as a whole?

Children have the opportunity to learn alongside other learners. Pupils have the opportunity to work on new and exciting learning which is delivered with the trainees own style. 

What are the key skills the trainees gain from working with you in school?

Visiting  trainees (as we don’t host trainees on programme currently) gain CPD and the opportunity to place theory in context. 

In what ways has the school gained from being in partnership with UWE? 

Really mutually beneficial partnerships, including the opportunity to develop and enhance our creative curriculum, to share good practice and to develop strong networks and partnerships. 


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Health and Education Placement Manager
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