Poem of the month

The English 'Poem of the month' competition showcases students’ creative talents. Open to all UWE Bristol students, it highlights the wide appeal of literary forms of expression across the disciplines.

“The poet is the person… who sees and handles that which others dream of, traverses the whole scale of experience, and is representative.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The Poet,” (1844)

The judging panel is comprised of English staff and a student representative from the English Society.

November 2017 winning poem

One Day

Emily shuts her bedroom door tight.
It is night time; the rain is pattering dismally against the windows
With streaks of lightning filtering through the sky,
Like criss-cross lines.
Her emotions are a tempest.
Downstairs, she hears ranting and raving across the hallway,
And wonders. What is going on with her life, with her family, and with her mind?
Across the room she listens, and glances at the television
Brexiteers and X Factor’s musical judge Simon
Going on and on about how singing has to be good enough to get through the competition.
Emily shuts the television, then her eyes.
The rain has stopped now, and so has the sound of the thundering TV.
She takes a deep breath in, wipes her soppy tears, and standing on her two feet
She takes a look at herself in the mirror.
“One day I will be free”, she says.

By Maham Khalid

UWE Bristol English student

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