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Donate to UWE Bristol

Donate to UWE Bristol to make a tangible, local, visible difference in whichever way matters most to you and your business.

Whether you want to support tomorrow’s successes by setting up an entrepreneurship fund, enable students from disadvantaged backgrounds or help us improve outcomes in the wider community, you’ll make a big difference when you donate to UWE Bristol.

At a glance

  • Work with our team to decide how your donation will make a difference, in the way that means most to you.
  • Reduce your tax burden whilst doing something great for students, communities or world leading research.
  • Know and see that you’re making a big difference, whatever the amount you donate.
  • Connect with tomorrow’s customers in a more meaningful way by providing help when they need it most.
  • A great local PR opportunity for your business.

Why donate to UWE Bristol?

Often when you support a charitable organisation, you have little control over where your money goes. Donate to UWE Bristol and our team will make sure the funds go exactly where you want them to, and will keep you regularly updated on the positive impact you’ve made.

Find out about Apak Group's experience of donating to UWE Bristol.

What can I donate towards?

We can tailor outcomes to your requirements, so if you want to support sport and getting healthy, we can do that.

Maybe you’d like to support students who’re studying courses that connect with your field? You might want to back our award-winning Widening Participation programme or fund a particular area of research – the choice really is yours, so talk to the team today.

What about donating as a private individual?

Donation is just the beginning. UWE Bristol differs from traditional charities as we’ll share the results of your kindness – in public if you would like us to – so you (and others) can see the difference you’ve made. You can also leave a legacy or celebrate a loved one by setting up an initiative, foundation or scholarship that’s tailored to your passion. 

Finally, donating to UWE Bristol is an excellent way to reduce your tax burden whilst doing something visibly great for students, communities or world-leading research.

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