Volunteers working at a beach clean

Recruiting volunteers

Our volunteering service is here to help you find reliable, skilled student volunteers – all bursting with enthusiasm to support you by putting their skills into practice.

Need a hand finding the right helping hands?

Talk to UWE Bristol. We place 1,500 plus students with organisations each year, so if you have a valuable opportunity, we’ll find the person to make the most of it. Student talents range from web design to financial acumen, so if you have a skill shortage, talk to us – it’s the first step to finding a perfect volunteer fit.

How does it work?

  • We help not-for-profit organisations and charities recruit student and staff volunteers.
  • There are two services – a standard noticeboard service, and an enhanced matching service that fits opportunities with students who’ll suit and benefit. 
  • Volunteers can provide longer-term regular support, or act as a short-term ‘task force’ team to achieve a specific goal.

Are students reliable?

Absolutely. We work carefully to match student talent with your objectives so the experience is mutually beneficial – which means you can really rely on your student talent. You get the help you need, while they get authentic, relevant experience, to build their network and CV. And importantly, there’s the feel good factor. It adds up to keen, committed talent ready to make an impact from day one.

Volunteers in action

Get inspired about how UWE Bristol volunteers might make a difference to you. Find out about the experiences of North Bristol Advice Centre and art + power.

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