UWE Bristol Placement Scheme FAQs

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the UWE Bristol Placement Scheme.

When can I recruit a student and for how long?

Students do their sandwich placement year between years two and three of their taught programme. Most students will be looking for ten to 12 months of work, although some shorter periods are possible on some courses.

Placements can commence from the end of the academic year, after examinations in June until September. There is no set maximum length but students are expected to return to studies by September the following year.

How much will a placement cost my business and what are the salary expectations?

Marketing and advertising your vacancy is free. For the placement itself, National Minimum Wage (NMW) legislation states that any placement undertaken as part of a course of study is exempt from NMW. However, we recommend that you select a competitive salary to ensure you attract high-calibre candidates.

We suggest you take into account their basic subsistence level requirements and compensate the placement student appropriately. The majority of sandwich placements are paid, and will attract a salary of between £15,000 and £18,000 per annum.

Is my project or role suitable for a placement student?

In order to provide the student with a meaningful placement and to ensure your business benefits from your recruitment of a placement student, we recommend that any project/role has defined objectives and responsibilities and a designated supervisor or mentor.

Which courses have the option of undertaking a sandwich placement?

Sandwich placement options are available on a wide range of undergraduate courses. If you cannot see the relevant course information to suit your role here, please contact us for further advice. There are many more courses which include a work-based learning element.

I’ve recruited a UWE Bristol placement student and have some questions. Who do I contact?

Please contact the Placement Support Team on +44 (0)117 32 82220 or email placements@uwe.ac.uk.

If you have any questions about the placement scheme in general, or queries/concerns about your placement student, we can help. Please get in touch for advice.

If you would like to re-advertise your placement opportunity for the next academic year please email us placements@uwe.ac.uk.

What do I need to do before the sandwich placement starts?

You should ensure appropriate provision for the student’s health and safety is in place. We will arrange for both you and the student to sign a Student Placement and Health and Safety Agreement, as well as providing you both with an information pack prior to the placement start date.

We would also advise that you and the student discuss your aspirations and expectations for the coming year, helping the student to set some objectives and providing on-going feedback during the year.

What happens during the sandwich placement?

Although students on placement are enrolled on an academic module related to their placement, employers are not expected to provide extra time for this academic work to be completed. However, the student and employer should reach an agreement around whether the student will have access to data or departments to support their academic work, ie use of data to complete reports or dissertations.

Employers in the UK may need to host a visit from UWE Bristol to discuss placement progress and towards the end of the academic year, employers will be asked by the University to provide feedback on the student’s performance.

How do I advertise to recruit a placement student?

Advertising placements to our students via UWE Careerhub is free.
If you are not already registered, you can sign up to the Careerhub online. It is quick and simple and the system enables you to manage multiple vacancies.

  • Go to Careerhub
  • Register your company and submit for us to approve
  • Select the 'notify a vacancy' option on the left hand menu when you wish to add a vacancy

Recruitment for the following year can start as early as September.

How can I attract students to the role?

You should think about what the job seeker will be looking for:

  • A clearly defined role and description of the work they will be doing
  • A feel for what makes the opportunity interesting, exciting and relevant
  • An indication of salary and other benefits
  • A sense of the company values and ethos

We also offer additional services such as targeted direct mailouts to students, employer drop-in events and interview facilities, some of which may incur an administration charge.

Get in touch

If you have any other questions about recruiting a student please contact us.

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