Employer feedback

Feedback on our talented students – and the help we offer with student recruitment and selection – is excellent. Read on to see what to expect.


"Cost effect solution resulting in new contracts for our company. The student’s attitude was excellent, plus his willingness to learn about our company to understand what we do." Kevin White, Director, Elec-Rep

Languages United

"She assisted me at the agent’s workshop I attended in Seoul last year and worked very hard in helping us in marketing our school in Korea. Her knowledge and dedication are a credit to all the staff and lecturers of UWE Bristol. This experience has encouraged me to use this service again and I can recommend it to my business associates, friends and colleagues." Slavenka Vukovic-Bryan, Managing Director, Languages United

Phineas Products Ltd

"Liliana took the role of launching our company into the Spanish and South American markets. With the aid of a UKTI OMIS market report she was quickly able to identify the key players in our target market and start communicating with the decision makers.

"Her native Spanish language was invaluable in building relationships with key buyers in PLC corporations and understanding the market in depth. After the first six months, we are pleased to say that we have extended her contract for a further six months to allow her to continue her valuable work." Dan Wright, Managing Director, Phineas Products Ltd

Bristol Oilskin & Overall Co. Ltd

"To date, I have worked in partnership with two students through UWE Bristol International Talent. The level of commitment and, most importantly, the quality of work, is without question, excellent. For example, we have an MSc Marketing student who is undertaking research to provide accurate strategic objectives. She is providing the intellectual horsepower to identify which product, which country and by which method in an endeavour to mirror a percentage of our UK success overseas.

Honed and guided on your specific niche or USP, this scheme represents a fantastic opportunity." Andrew Fox - BSI Global representative for "High Visibility Warning Clothing", Director, Bristol Oilskin & Overall Co. Ltd

E and AG Stratton

"The work undertaken for me by Ricardo was of the utmost quality and the research that he did on my project was quite superb. It proved invaluable to me for the background that I needed before I undertook my series of meetings that I had in Buenos Aires at the beginning of May. It was as good a bit of work that I have come across in a long time. It covered all the main points I needed and with the references that he included, I could go into more detail if I need to.

"If this is the quality of student that the University is turning out then it is a credit to all the staff and lecturers of UWE Bristol. It will encourage me to use this service again and recommend it to my business associates, friends and colleagues." Tim Carson, Director, E and AG Stratton, Wiltshire

Mendip Media

"Rarely have I seen a more dedicated group of young people attack a project and obtain so much in just three days. If we had engaged a so-called consultant at expensive rates we would have done no better than we had delivered for us. It was a remarkable achievement." Martin Trevor, Managing Director, Mendip Media

Bob Martin (UK) Ltd

"Initially, I was going to visit each country to get an idea of prices and distribution of our type of products. However, this would have been a very costly as well as time consuming exercise. By making use of your students, we managed to get cost-effective and quicker feedback from each market. I was very impressed with the overall market research received from everyone as it was meticulous and detailed." Eva Hailstone, Export Sales Manager, Bob Martin (UK) Ltd

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