Employer feedback

Feedback on our talented students – and the help we offer with student recruitment and selection – is excellent. Read on to see what to expect.

Why use the International Talent Programme?

Bristol and West of England China Bureau

"It provides an opportunity to work with such excellent international talent and share real life experiences and knowledge. The benefits cannot be acquired in any other way."


"Because it adds value to your organisation; it provides short-term support to complete a project that you may not have been able to do so; provides additional support and motivation to your team."

Hannah Turner Ltd

"It was very helpful to my business, and much easier to arrange than I thought it would be."

Pro Structures Ltd

"The intern helped us with project delivery, enabling us to be faster and more efficient in issuing our calculations and drawings than we could have been without someone in the role. Every intern we have had from UWE Bristol has demonstrated an excellent work ethic and understanding of engineering principles."

Case study - Yuyo Drinks Ltd, 2017

Yuyo Drinks Ltd is a small herbal infusions company based in Bath specialising in South American yerba mate infusions in various flavours. They were established in the UK in 2014 and, after successful national trading, were awarded The Seed Fund, a prestigious business accelerator award.

They entered the German market in January 2017 and are also in early-stage distribution relationships in Ireland, France and Sweden.

The company recruited one of our third-year international Business Management students, Sara Watson, on an International Talent internship. Her key objectives were to help build export trade with Germany, raise brand awareness, boost sales within existing channels and seek new export opportunities.

Valued contribution

In her everyday work, Sara was involved in activities including:

  • contacting potential new distributors
  • negotiating sales with existing retailers
  • translating, creating and distributing German marketing
  • correspondence
  • contacting print and online publications
  • managing social media collaborations;  and
  • devising a marketing plan for next steps in Germany.

Excellent results

Feedback from Yuyo Drinks Ltd highlighted the invaluable contribution that Sara was able to make to their market growth.

They stated: "In just ten days we were able to increase our understanding of a key export market. The international student’s cultural and linguistic skills were invaluable in this regard. It makes perfect sense for us to look outward and benefit from the skills of talented students."

Sara said: "Ever heard of the South American super herb, yerba mate? The UWE Bristol International Talent internship with Yuyo Drinks Ltd has not only widened my knowledge of this amazing beverage but also allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge from university studies, whilst providing insight into the world of international marketing and export processes.

"Being able to connect multilingually with a variety of different contacts such as established organisations, social media influencers and editors of media publications increased my motivation to continue to spread the word of Yuyo products and set up future business opportunities in the German-speaking markets of Europe.

"The internship was characterised by a variety of tasks from negotiating sales to composing press releases, and even translating and voice recording Yuyo marketing videos in German."


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