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Graduate consultants

If you need focused, expert talent for a specific short-term project or critical task, a UWE Bristol Graduate Consultant is ideal.

Our Graduate Consultancy Scheme

Our quality-assured scheme provides graduates with full UWE Bristol expert backing and oversight to deliver your project.

The Graduate Consultancy Scheme gives you:

  • A cost effective way to solve specific problems or address critical tasks
  • The combined input of qualified academic experts and enthusiastic, skilled graduates
  • Fast, easy, hassle-free implementation
  • UWE Bristol support and supervision
  • Quality assurance and a results-driven approach for delivery of agreed project output

Why choose a UWE Bristol graduate consultant?

Use the scheme to resolve specific, defined challenges, and to trial potential employees. There is no risk to your business as the scheme is quality assured, and your graduate will be supported by the specialised knowledge of a UWE Bristol expert.

You will have access to new University expertise and facilities, and your existing team will also benefit through shared learning.

Results without risk

Adding a graduate consultant to your team is easy. We set up and administer the scheme, scope the project, and identify appropriate resources. We will also take responsibility for the selection, recruitment and induction of your graduate, and ensure that the work is carried out to a consistently high standard.

If you would like to know more about the scheme, please contact us on +44 (0)117 32 81089 or email

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