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UWE Bristol Undergraduate Internship

The scheme provides funding and support to employers who wish to recruit a student for a ten-week summer project. It is a cost-effective and low-risk opportunity offering recruiters £1,500 funding.

Please note: All funding has been allocated for 2018 and the scheme is closed. We will be running a similar scheme in spring 2019 and further information will be available on this page.

How the scheme works and funding arrangements

Overview and intern eligibility

All business sectors are eligible for the scheme. To take part, advertise your internship opportunity to all relevant and eligible students on CareerHub (login required), then recruit using your current company recruitment methods. You will need to confirm the internship with us by following the process outlined on this page.

Internships must be either project-based or add value to the student's CV and incorporate an element of training or mentoring. Internships can take place anywhere in the UK.

Intern eligibility

  • The scheme is open to first, second and placement year current UWE Bristol students on BA, BSc, BArch BEng, LLB, MArch and MEng courses returning to UWE Bristol in September 2018.
  • This scheme is only open to UK domiciled students.
  • Masters, Postgraduate and PhD students are not eligible.
  • Students completing UWE Bristol-accredited Foundation degrees in partner Further Education colleges will be eligible as long as there is evidence that they are continuing their studies with UWE Bristol in September 2018.
  • You can nominate an eligible undergraduate who has contacted you speculatively.
  • You cannot recruit an undergraduate who has previously worked for you in any paid capacity.

Scheme criteria and funding arrangements

Please read through the terms and conditions:

Payment and working hours

  • The subsidy to businesses is £1,500 (VAT exempt) per intern. Funding is limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You need to be able to pay your intern £1,200 per four weeks for the duration of the internship (a minimum of £300 a week), and they must be paid PAYE.
  • Internships must be for a minimum of ten weeks if full time (20 weeks part time). You can choose to employ the intern for longer if you wish, but this will be at your own expense.
  • The subsidy will only be paid when the internship has been completed and we have received the required documentation. By “required documentation”, we mean the internship agreement, relevant financial documentation and the completed internship evaluation form have been sent to us by Friday 14 September 2018 at the latest.
  • Your intern’s working week must remain at 37 hours as denoted in the internship agreement. If they are working more than 37 hours per week, their salary must be adjusted accordingly.

Internship recruitment

  • All internships must be confirmed with UWE Bristol and the paperwork returned by Friday 6 July 2018. Internships must start by Monday 9 July 2018.
  • All internships must be completed before students return to university on Monday 17 September 2018.
  • The intern must be employed by the business, not self-employed.
  • If you are a private sector organisation, the intern cannot have previously worked for you in any paid or unpaid capacity.
  • If you are a third-sector organisation, interns that have previously volunteered with you are able to participate in the scheme.
  • If you are related to your intern, you must disclose it on the registration form.
  • There will be no limit to the number of vacancies you can advertise. However, private sector organisations (and their associated companies) may only recruit a maximum of two interns. If you are a private sector organisation and wish to recruit more than two interns, please contact the UWE Bristol Internships Team directly.
  • We recommend that you have the necessary resources in place to provide any training or mentoring deemed necessary to help the intern succeed in the workplace.
  • The internship may be subject to a site visit from UWE Bristol staff.

Funding arrangements

  • We will pay the subsidy after the internship has been completed.
  • The payment terms are a minimum of 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • We will not process invoices until we have received all the documentation.
  • Failure to notify us of your internship starting, late return of your internship agreement and/or relevant financial documentation or non-completion of your evaluation form will all delay the payment of your salary subsidy – and may result in the subsidy not being allocated or paid for your intern.
  • If, for any reason, the internship ends prematurely, we will require the subsidy to be reimbursed (as a proportion relating to the time actually worked). You must inform the UWE Bristol Internships team immediately of any such developments. We expect you and your intern to try to come to a resolution, however, we are here to assist you with any grievances should they arise.

What steps do I need to take?

Step 1: Advertise your UWE Bristol Undergraduate Internship

You can advertise your internship opportunity to all relevant and eligible students through CareerHub. If you would like to submit a vacancy, please log in or register for CareerHub, then:

  1. select the 'add vacancy' option on the left hand menu
  2. ensure that you include 'UWE Undergraduate Internship 2018' in the job title
  3. choose the 'UWE Internship Schemes' criteria before submitting the internship.

If you have already selected your intern, please add ‘Nominated Intern’ and the student’s name in the job title when uploading your opportunity.

Your vacancy will be advertised to eligible UWE Bristol undergraduates who will apply to you directly. You can then interview and select your intern according to your company’s standard recruitment procedures.

Key information

  • Advertising your vacancy on CareerHub does not guarantee that the vacancy will be filled.
  • Registration on UWE Bristol CareerHub and advertising a position does not guarantee funding.

Step 2: Recruit your intern and confirm their eligibility with the University

Before you interview your intern, we recommend that you email the UWE Bristol Internships Team at with the students’ names and student numbers to check their eligibility for the scheme and confirm that funding is still available.

You will need to interview and select your intern according to your company’s standard recruitment procedures. If you would like to interview UWE Bristol graduates on campus, please contact the UWE Bristol Internships Team at

Once you have successfully recruited an intern, please complete the Internship registration form. We cannot allocate the subsidy until we have received the registration form.

Key information

  • All interns need to have commenced their employment on or before Monday 9 July 2018.
  • All internships must be confirmed with UWE Bristol by Friday 6 July 2018.
  • Funding is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis provided you meet the scheme requirements.
  • The scheme may close earlier if all funding has been allocated before Friday 6 July 2018.

Step 3: Complete and return the provided UWE Bristol internship agreement

Once you have confirmed the details set out in Step 2 and eligibility has been confirmed, we will issue you a copy of our internship agreement.

We will require one original and signed hard copy posted to:
UWE Bristol Internships Team,
3 Felixstowe Court 005,
UWE Bristol
Frenchay Campus,
Coldharbour Lane,
BS16 1QY

Please use correct postage (ie a large letter stamp) or the internship agreement will not be delivered.

Your copy of the internship agreement

Once we have received and countersigned the internship agreement, we will send both you and your intern a scanned copy by email.

The internship agreement may be used as a contract of employment. However, we recommend you issue a separate contract of employment to your intern, which incorporates any organisational terms that may not be included in our internship agreement.

Step 4: Confirm whether you are a UWE Bristol supplier

If you are unsure whether you are a UWE Bristol Supplier please email us at If you are not, we will ask you to complete a new supplier form. Please complete Part One of the form and attach a copy of your company’s bank statement ensuring the address, sort code and account number are clearly visible. Financial information can be redacted. This can be sent to

Step 5: Complete your evaluation form

We will send you a feedback form part way through the internship. It is essential for you to complete this so we can issue you the subsidy. Any delay in completing this form may result in funding not being issued.

Step 6: Submit your invoice

UWE Bristol suppliers will be emailed a purchase order (PO) from our finance department once we have received your signed internship agreement, relevant financial documentation and completed evaluation form.

Once you have received this PO number, you can invoice us for the funding contribution.

Guidance for submitting your invoice

  • Please ensure that the PO number is noted on the invoice.
  • You must number your invoice.
  • There must be no VAT added to the invoice – if VAT is added in any form, your invoice will be rejected and it will delay payment of your invoice.
  • Please email your invoice to and copy in

A note on VAT

The UWE Bristol Undergraduate Internship Scheme draws down funding from a grant that is outside the scope of VAT, and so VAT does not need to be applied at the point of invoicing. As an external company, you are not supplying anything to the University. UWE Bristol is effectively passing a grant on to you, the external company, and so you should not be charging any VAT to us, inclusive or otherwise.

Frequently asked questions

What sort of work is suitable?

The internship needs to give the intern a meaningful opportunity to build skills, knowledge and confidence in a professional area of work. We define 'professional' broadly to include professions such as law and accountancy, engineering and technical disciplines, new media and creative opportunities, business development, IT, HR, marketing and psychology – this list is not exhaustive.

What ongoing support can the University offer?

We have a dedicated Internships Team on hand who will:

  • provide you and your intern with an information pack on how you can make your internship a successful experience for your company and the intern
  • be available to answer questions and queries from by interns or companies before, during and after the internship.

We are always available to offer support to our undergraduates. However, the mentor role provided by someone within your organisation is extremely valuable.

Intern of the Year Award

You will have the opportunity to enter your intern for the UWE Bristol Intern of the Year Award, which is presented at our annual Celebrating UWE Bristol Talent ceremony. You will be able to make a nomination through our feedback form.

To enter your intern for this award, you will need to nominate them with supporting evidence. We will then invite all nominated interns to submit a statement reflecting on their internship experience. This allows the student to consider each part of the internship, and will provide you with a valuable case study to take forward. It is also another excellent opportunity for positive publicity for your business.

I'm from a UWE Bristol department or service. How do I recruit a student for the scheme?

As a UWE Bristol department or service, you are eligible to participate in the summer 2018 undergraduate scheme. You must follow the UWE Bristol HR resourcing process (staff login required).

Contact our Internships Team

If you have any further questions, please email or contact one of the team on +44(0)117 32 85353.

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