Case study - Wheelscape

Wheelscape designs and builds bespoke skate parks. Since 2010, UWE Bristol interns have enabled Wheelscape to increase their construction capacity by 50%...

About Wheelscape

Wheelscape uses a community consultation process to harness ideas from future users of skate parks, and turn them into innovative designs. It employs a 'By Skaters For Skaters' approach to ensure the design complements the needs of all park users. The community consultation usually goes through an organic process, with the clients and potential park users making sure the design meets all users’ wishes.

How we work together

Back in 2010, Wheelscape got involved in the UWE Bristol Internship Scheme. Having interviewed over a dozen candidates, three candidates stood out for their skills and enthusiasm. Two were taken on straight away, and they were so impressed with the third, Elliot, that they kept in touch and brought him on board for the next scheme in 2011. Eventually he replaced the person who hired him and the other interns.

Though Wheelscape missed out on the funding available in 2012 to take on interns because the scheme had closed, they still went ahead – which says a lot for their faith in the value of employing interns.

Outcomes for Wheelscape

UWE Bristol interns now occupy four roles within Wheelscape: two design posts, a marketing/business development role and a project management role.

It’s hard to overstate the impact that being part of the scheme has had on the business. Individual interns’ specific skills have really boosted the business – in particular CAD skills have changed the way their tenders look to make them much more life-like and impressive, increasing uptake and generating new business.

UWE Bristol interns have helped Wheelscape to increase their construction capacity by 50%, hiring a third team out in the field. The background work in design, consultation and business development the interns have delivered has brought enough business to Wheelscape to support this third construction team. 

Wheelscape’s experiences with the UWE Bristol internship schemes mean they have no hesitation in recommending the scheme. The Employer Partnership Services Team supported a recruitment process to grant interviews to candidates who might otherwise be crowded out  – which really paid dividends for the business.

 “I can honestly say we wouldn’t be where we are right now if it wasn’t for our interns. We’ve been consistently impressed with the commitment, skills and professionalism they’ve brought… and by how well they’ve fitted with us as a team. Wheelscape isn't your average organisation, so both specific skills cultural fit are equally important. Every year has been a different experience, and we hope to meet more talented students and graduates in the future.” Elliot Hamilton, Project Manager, 2012

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