Case study - Colston Consulting

Bright intern Nick spent eight weeks with recruitment specialists Colston Consulting, and managed to increase website traffic ten-fold.

About Colston Consulting

Colston Consulting is a service driven recruitment consultancy, with a reputation for delivering key resource across all areas of technology and analytics. Established in 2009, they have a team of ten and are based in Bristol.

Colston Consulting's challenge

This busy recruitment specialist needed someone to breath life into their social media platform – which forms a large part of their marketing strategy. Dan Molloy, Consultant, explains: “I needed specific technical skills which were not held within the business as well as enthusiasm and fresh ideas.”

How UWE Bristol helped

We helped the team at Colston find the ideal undergraduate intern, advertising the role of digital marketing assistant on their behalf. Ten students applied, they interviewed two undergraduates and their successful applicant had the technical knowledge they were looking for.

Intern Nick’s specific brief was to increase traffic to Colston Consulting’s website, expanding the audience and creating content using their social media channels.

The current situation was reviewed, and Nick set about formulating a plan he could deliver against for the duration of the internship.

Outcomes for Colston Consulting

With his current and relevant know-how, Nick was very successful. In fact, over the course of the eight week internship, the traffic increased tenfold and laid excellent foundations for the future. Dan sums up the experience: “…this worked really well for us and I would absolutely recommend the scheme to other employers.”

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