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Hewlett Packard (HP) and UWE Bristol

Over the past three years, we’ve collaborated to create a new undergraduate course, internships for students, curriculum development, knowledge exchange and a state-of-the-art Education Innovation Centre at UWE Bristol.

“There has been a long history of collaboration between HP and UWE Bristol. It’s a deep and intimate partnership with the potential to deliver real outcomes for both HP, the University, and most importantly, for graduates so that we can ultimately offer them better prospects.”

Andy Isherwood, Managing Director HP UK and Ireland

About HP

HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers’ most complex challenges in every region of the world.

HP wants to pioneer new ways that business and education can collaborate to foster creativity and vision from a young age. Technology is a core part of this, but the challenge is to teach our young people to define and produce it, rather than just consume it.

Collaborative projects

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HP staff enthusiastically share their experiences with students on the Bristol MBA and provide an insight into corporate and business environments. HP also hosts a number of MBA students for up to 10 weeks whilst they carry out a Consultancy Based Project for HP. The projects are directly relevant to the management issues faced by an organisation, and lead to recommendations for action. During the project, each student is assigned an HP Mentor. The project culminates with a formal presentation to HP’s Chief of Staff, UK&I, Susan Bowen.

“The Bristol MBA equips students with the skills they will need to progress towards senior management positions. HP is delighted to provide these project opportunities for the Bristol MBA students, whilst benefitting from the innovative and strategic thinking that the students can bring to real-life business issues.” Susan Bowen, Chief of Staff, UK&I, HP.

Student placements at HP

HP values the contribution that students bring to its business, with intern hiring forming an important part of the HP recruitment strategy in the UK.  Successful work placement programmes provide students with valuable work experience that is very often a positive differentiator when applying for jobs.

During a 13 month placement with HP, students acquire an insight into HP’s global organisation and benefit from structured development plans that enhance existing skills and help build a host of new ones.

“I am currently on my placement year as a Sales Analyst within HP’s UK&I Enterprise Services. It has made me more confident as a person and has taught me many new skills. I would recommend a placement in HP to anyone, as it’s not just about the experience but HP helps you build yourself as a person.” Zhiar, UWE Bristol intern

Students are part of a large intern community and during their placement are supported and encouraged to play an active role in the various social and charity events held throughout the year.

Social Innovation Programme

More than 70 years ago, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard initiated a historic legacy of corporate citizenship based on the simple belief that the betterment of society is a responsibility to be shared by all.

This legacy remains at the core of HP’s Social Innovation programme today and centres on the belief that the same passion, energy and culture of innovation that makes HP a successful company can also be used to make a profound and positive social impact in the world.

UWE Bristol and HP continue to work in partnership to develop an exciting programme of social innovation projects that combines the potential and strengths of the partnership, together with available technologies to add meaningful value and improvement to people’s lives locally, nationally and internationally.

These projects provide great opportunities for both student and staff volunteering which enhances the student experience as well as employee engagement.

“UWE Bristol's longstanding partnerships with employers have put it at the forefront of Higher Education thinking in employer engagement. Our 30,000 students benefit enormously from a curriculum and experience informed by employers, right from the outset not just at graduation.”

Professor Steve West, Vice-Chancellor, UWE Bristol

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