Building Services Design Engineer Degree Apprenticeship (Level 6)

Created by leading employers, the Building Services Design Engineer Degree Apprenticeship will equip apprentices with the expertise required to design the systems and services necessary for buildings and infrastructure.

What is the Building Services Design Engineer Degree Apprenticeship?

Degree Apprenticeships let you give your employees the opportunity to undertake university-standard training, without having to take significant time out from the workplace.

This apprenticeship will equip your staff with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively manage projects that maintain and enhance the quality of the environment and community. Working alongside other construction professionals, Building Services Design Engineers manage teams of engineers and technicians to design the services found in buildings and infrastructure projects – from heating and ventilation systems, to communications and building transportation.

Who is the Building Services Design Engineer Degree Apprenticeship for?

This qualification is suitable for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a Building Services Design Engineer.

How will your business benefit?

Taught by experienced professionals, your employees will develop fundamental skills relating to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); electrical and public health services; and building physics. They will learn to select appropriate services solutions, perform sizing calculations, evaluate performance and critically analyse a range of building engineering services. Later in the programme, apprentices will be able to specialise in one specific aspect of the profession.

Your staff will develop an advanced overview of the building development process, including its legal, economic and management aspects. They will gain insight into the driving forces changing the industry such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainability, performance evaluation and digital design.

This apprenticeship aims to produce competent leaders and critical thinkers who can be flexible, innovative and successful in the face of a changing industry. And because they will continue to contribute to your company while undertaking the programme, you’ll immediately benefit from their enhanced learning and confidence.

Why UWE Bristol?

The Building Services Design Engineer Degree Apprenticeship not only meets all the core requirements of the accrediting body, but also delivers leading-edge teaching in areas such as energy simulations, sustainability, performance analysis and assessment of the impact of user behaviour on system design.

Apprentices will learn from industry-experienced tutors and practising professionals, who incorporate up-to-the-minute ideas from their own research projects into their tutorials. They’ll gain hands-on experience through lab activities and fieldtrips, and benefit from a varied and multi-layered learning environment.

Your employees will also have access to a range of design software and industry-standard facilities, such as our environmental physics lab, construction material lab and lighting lab.

Course details

Indicative content

Introductions to and advanced design strategies and calculations covering the breadth of Services. Engineering including Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health, Acoustics, Power Distribution, Security, Fire, IT, Refrigeration, Lifts, BMS and Intelligent Buildings.

The course also covers passive design techniques to assess whole building sustainability, and uses dynamic thermal simulation computer software to assess performance.

Construction law and procurement are also part of the course.

There will be an individual research dissertation and final year design project.

Read more about the approved Building Services Design Engineer Standard on the website.

Professional registration and accreditation

Successful apprentices will graduate with a BEng(Hons) Building Services Engineering university degree (Level 6).

Duration and delivery

This programme is delivered on day-release format, meaning your employees will spend one day per week in class for 24 weeks per academic year. A typical taught week will include eight hours of contact with academics, and an additional 12 hours of study.

Scheduled assessments will take place over an additional six weeks. Most of the 16 modules will have written assessment plus either an exam or a presentation.

Typical entry requirements

To be confirmed

Contact the Degree Apprenticeship Team

To find out more about this apprenticeship, or for more information about the levy and degree apprenticeships, please email our Degree Apprenticeships Team at or call us on +44 (0)117 328 4888.

Prospective students may only apply for a degree apprenticeship through their employer. If you are interested in any of our degree apprenticeship programmes, speak to your employer in the first instance. There is funding available to sponsor employees’ professional development on degree apprenticeships.  We will work with your employer directly to manage your application.  

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