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Working with the NHS to develop talent

Tim Penrose, Head of Clinical Engineering for University Hospitals Bristol, describes his experience of developing staff through UWE Bristol's degree apprenticeships:

"In the next five years, 55% of my staff are due to retire. By hiring apprentices, we can find people internally and externally, develop their academic and technical skills. As staff members retire, we’ll be able to plug gaps right across the organisation with confident and capable people. It’s a tremendous opportunity for an employer.

"When we put the adverts out all I could think was ‘this is an outstanding opportunity’. To have a degree funded and gain experience – especially with all the changes to course costs.

"When I graduated I had a Master’s degree but no experience, and every job you go for they want experience. What this does for the apprentice is give them a BSc level qualification and three or four years of experience working alongside of that. It’s also a really good entry into our field of work.

"Apprentices bring enthusiasm, willingness and a new way of looking at things. They have a drive to be a success. They challenge people who have been here a long time, asking ‘why do we do it like this? Why don’t we do it this way?’

"We’ve got to get that balance right between creating academically brilliant people and creating technically competent people. That’s where this relationship comes in – we’re teaching the technical angle and UWE Bristol is teaching the academic angle."

"The qualifications are fully covered by the levy, so it’s great from our perspective. I don’t think apprenticeships would be affordable without it as it’s a significant investment from both parties.

"I’m looking at taking on three or four new candidates on the course next year and we want a rolling programme of this type of candidate coming through to us. The apprenticeship scheme has been brilliant for us here."

Current degree apprenticeships

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