New starters

New to UWE Bristol?

As a new starter you will find some useful information on the HR website. Your line manager will go through this in your first week to make sure your start at UWE goes as smoothly as possible. On the Introduction to UWE Bristol intranet page there are numerous links which provide a lot of information. If you have any particular issues speak to your line manager or email the HR Helpline.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get my Staff ID Card replaced?

Replacement Staff ID forms. Please complete the online form and print off. It will then need to be signed by your head of department. The signed form should then go to security in 1E20 or passed to a member of the FBL Executive Support Team in 2C10/11 who will arrange for the replacement on your behalf.

My staff ID card access has stopped working?

Please contact Jenny Ford (82866) or Susan Burton (83593) in Security, room 1E20.

Who do I contact if I have forgotten my office keys?

Contact Facilities by dialling 222.

How do I order business cards?

Business cards are ordered through the Executive Support Office, room 2C10/11 or directly through Skyline by completing the pro forma. You will need to have permission from your Head of Department and provide a cost code. Printing and Stationery will provide a draft of the business card which you will have to approve before cards are printed. Business cards come in packs of 100 and take up to two weeks to be printed.

I have noticed a light bulb not working who do I report this to?

You will need to call Estates on 222 or put in an online works request

Mail, stationery and paper

Your incoming mail will be delivered to 2C21. You will need your ID card to gain access to the room. Associate lecturers and research staff have been allocated a hanging file located in the filing cabinet to the left as you enter the room. Other members of staff have their own pigeonhole. Parcels that are too large for the pigeonhole will be put in the parcel cupboard on the right side of the partition and you will be notified when a parcel has arrived for you.

Please note that occasionally post may be put in the wrong pigeonhole. Please ensure that you only open post that is addressed to you.

To send mail there are two post bags in 2C21, blue for internal and red for external. There are also facilities in the room to send recorded delivery. Alternatively go to the main UWE post room, 1E11, for DHL (International) and Parcel Force (within the UK but heavy item).

Stationery can be found on the right hand side of 2C21. Please note in the log book any stationery that you remove so that this can be reordered.

Paper for the printers/copiers is also available from 2C21.

Please do not remove or arrange for removal of large amounts of paper from 2C21 without first contacting Fredi Severinsen on 81720.

Do not do large amounts of printing from your printer. All large print jobs should be done via Printing Services through Skyline, an online printing system. Files can be uploaded and sent to print. For any queries please contact Printing Services.

For any queries regarding mail, stationery and paper contact (ext 81720).

Finance, including travel and conferences

The application for travel process is now done electronically.

  1. complete the Application for Faculty Travel Booking form
  2. email it to the your Head of Department for approval
  3. if approved the Head of Department to forward to relevant Associate Dean for approval
    • Nicholas O’Regan, if travel is for Research
    • Fiona Jordan, if travel is for External Engagement
  4. confirmed authorisation to travel is then forwarded to FBL Finance, Cc'ing the traveller
  5.  FBL Finance then book the travel

Here is a more detailed overview of the international travel process.

Train tickets can be booked through FBL Finance, room 5E015 (83803). You will need to provide details on an email including times, cost code and reason for travel.

To claim travel expenses you need to complete the staff expenses claim form and pass this with all original receipts to your Head of Department who will allocate an appropriate cost code (budget code). This will then go to FBL Finance for processing.

For advice regarding travel and conferences and completion of forms please contact (ext 82746).

Health and Safety and other training

Your line manager should have explained the need to complete the compulsory fire safety training, which needs to be completed every 2 years. If you have not completed this then please visit the Fire Safety online training page (staff login required).

It is also UWE policy for all staff above 0.2fte contracts to complete equality and diversity training. The pass mark for which is 70%.

Once you have completed both of the above please notify

If an accident should occur you will find a list of first aiders posted in all rooms and areas of Frenchay Campus. Please contact someone on the list. Alternatively if it is an emergency dial 9999 from a UWE network phone or 0117 328 9999 from your mobile. Dialling this number will alert security to the arrival of the ambulance and they will then be able to divert them to the appropriate area of the campus.

To report an accident or a near miss please complete an online accident report form and notify

UWE Bristol also offers other training through the learning and development centre including IT courses and other developmental courses.

Lecturer absence process

On the first day of absence please telephone the Executive Support Office (0117 3286302). As well as reporting that you are unwell and giving an indication of how long you expect to be absent, please also provide details of teaching activities you are due to undertake, particularly if you have not already contacted your line manager to arrange cover. The full process can be viewed on the lecturer absence process flowchart.

Events and event organising

For advise on organising an event at UWE, in the first instance, please contact (ext 86386) who will be able to advise on logistics requirements.

To see a list of upcoming FBL events please visit

Executive Support Office

The executive support team are based in room 2C10/11 and will be able to help you with a whole range of housekeeping queries and if not will be able to point you to someone who can. For general enquiries please email

Team leader: Laura Collett ( ext 86302)
PA to Donna Whitehead, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean
PA to Katherine Davies, Faculty Business Manager

Chloe Hayward ( ext 86386)
PA to Fiona Tolmie, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning
PA to Stephen Batty, Director of Professional and Executive Development
PA to Sarah Mackie, UG Scheme Director
PA to Sarah Maddock, Acting PG Scheme Director

Fredi Severinsen ( ext 81720)
PA to Fiona Jordan, Associate Dean, External Engagement
PA to Patricia Voaden, Acting Head of Department, Accounting, Economics & Finance
PA to Debbie Sturge, Academic Director, Accounting, Economics & Finance
PA to Sandra Tomkins, Head of Accreditation and Academic Administration

Jo Kendal ( ext 82746)
PA to Steve Dinning, Head of Department, Law
PA to Phil Millington, Academic Director, Professional Law
PA to Dagmar Steffens, Academic Director, Law

Gwen Coombs ( ext 86300)
PA to Nicholas O'Regan, Associate Dean, Research and Innovation
PA to Ray McDowell, Head of Department, Business and Management
PA to Nicholas Wilton, Academic Director, Business and Management

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