Legal Duties

Approximately 7.5% of UWE students (over 2000 students) have a declared disability. Many more will have chosen not to declare.  By far the largest group (65% of those declared) are those with specific learning disorder (SpLD) such as dyslexia

The current requirements for inclusivity in HE derive from a series of Acts starting with the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995, through the special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2002 (SENDA) and  the 2005 Disability Equality Duty. More recently HEFCE produced its Policy on Disabled Students 2009, and the QAA issued its own Code of Practice in 2010.

  • Anticipate and plan proactively around the needs of disabled people
  • Provide reasonable adjustments for all disabled students
  • Ensure that less favourable treatment does not occur for disabled students
  • Ensure inclusivity in all aspects of the student experience

This handbook helps with the practical impact of these requirements in everyday teaching and learning provision.

Notification of the adjustments required for disabled students should be received in advance of the start term to allow materials to be amended as necessary. This information should come through your Faculty Disability Contact. Module Leaders must pass this information on to their teaching team, and are responsible for ensuring the requirements are met.


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