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UWE Bristol scholars that lead the research into sexual violence and other related topics. 

Dr Clare Chambers-Jones - Clare's UWE Bristol profile 

Clare's interest lies in the online sexual behaviour of people in virtual world communities. The development and creation of sets of virtual world communities can be seen as a continuum from the real world but with any research in the virtual worlds, different methodological and ethical parameters must be considered. Underpinning the legal research is the sociological appreciation of Goffman’s dramaturgical approach on how people interact within communities.

Clare's research combines many aspects of cybercrimes and examines the nature of the harm that is committed within virtual worlds. Critical analysis of whether the harm is hard or soft and whether real world laws can be applied in virtual worlds setting is the predominate feature of her work.

Dr Jessica Elliott - Jessica's UWE Bristol profile

Dr Jessica Elliott has been a Senior Lecturer in Law at UWE Bristol since September 2009. Prior to this post, Jessica was a doctoral candidate and postgraduate teaching assistant in the School of Law at the University of Birmingham.

Her research interests focus on human trafficking, irregular migration, consent and prostitution. She has published on the areas of identification of trafficked victims, trafficking and technology, and the use of demand sanctions to combat trafficking. Jessica is currently working on publishing her PhD thesis as a research monograph: “The Role of Consent in Human Trafficking”.

Jessica is currently involved in setting up a partnership between UWE Bristol and external organisations with a view to running a mentoring scheme, whereby students can have the opportunity to mentor trafficked persons who wish to enter employment or education, and take back control of their lives.

Dr Rachel Fenton - Rachel's UWE Bristol profile

Rachel has written many articles on rape and sexual assault, including from a comparative Italian perspective, published in journals such as the Modern Law Review and International Comparative Law Quarterly and is co-editor of Gender Sexualities and Law (Glasshouse 2011). She has been a visiting scholar and lectured at several European Universities, was a visiting scholar at Emory University in September 2013, and sits on Parma University’s Doctoral Advisory Group.

As project lead for this team of researchers, she obtained ESRC funding for the schools project “Busting Myths about Sexual Violence!” and won an internal SDRF grant for follow-on project, ‘An Investigation into Pupil and teacher Engagement with Sexual Violence Education’. She also won funding as the project lead for the Intervention Initiative, a toolkit and resource pack commissioned by Public Health England for the prevention of sexual and domestic violence in all English universities.

Rachel is the Head of the Family, Gender and Equality Research Unit, founder and leader of the Women Law Students Forum and currently sits on Bristol Women Commission’s task group on violence against women. Rachel has done several television and radio interviews about rape and domestic violence. Rachel also has published extensively on assisted reproduction

Professor Jackie Jones - Jackie's UWE Bristol profile

Jackie Jones is a Professor of Feminist Legal Studies at UWE Bristol, Bristol Law School. Academically, she has been teaching, researching and writing different aspects of gender and the law for fifteen years. She has taught courses on gender and crime at Masters level and covers various aspects of sexual violence at undergraduate level including international and national aspects of violence against women, human trafficking, ‘honour’ crimes, migration and asylum issues, rape, sexual abuse, forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and rape in conflict. She is part of the UWE Bristol team working on projects concerning sexual violence prevention in schools and universities.

One of her main interests is in engaging the younger generation in becoming active in the protection of human rights in the UK and around the world, focussing on gender equality and ending violence. She actively encourages present and past students to get involved in NGO work using their legal analytical skills.

She has been active in NGO s working for women’s rights for many years. She is currently President of European Women Lawyers Association, Chair of Wales Assembly of Women (WAW), trustee of both the National Association of Women’s Organisations and Welsh Women’s Aid (to name a few). Jackie is a board member of the Plymouth University's Law and Criminal Justice Centre. She attends the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) every year, representing WAW , is part of the UKNGO CSW liaison group, working with the UK equality office to facilitate negotiations at CSW . She is currently heavily involved (alongside UWE Bristol colleagues) in progressing discussions around a new international legal instrument to eliminate violence against women and girls.

Dr Kieran McCartan - Kieran's UWE Bristol profile

Kieran is an Associate Professor in Criminology. He is a multi-disciplinary researcher with an interest in offending behaviour, public attitudes to crime and offender reintegration; particularly in regard to sex offenders. He is involved in national and international debates around sexual violence, sex offender reintegration and related public/professional engagement.

Kieran has a track record of publishing in academic, practitioner and public arenas; receiving external research funding from sources such as the ESRC , Ministry of Justice, Bristol City Council, the Cabinet Office and Wiltshire probation; presenting at national and international conferences; national ( BBC , Guardian and The Venue) and international (Abu Dhabi press and BBC World Service) media engagement. He has been a visiting scholar (University of Minnesota, April 2013); received (with other co-editors) an international book series with Palgrave-Macmillan; being asked to co-author the new edition of “Real World Research” (a leading undergraduate text); and being guest editor of a forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Sexual Aggression.

Duncan McPhee L.L.B, M.Phil (Cantab) - Duncan's UWE Bristol profile

Duncan McPhee is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at UWE Bristol. Duncan’s research interests are focused around sexual violence and criminal justice responses to sexual offending. He is currently engaged in investigating the impact that specialist investigative teams have on cases of rape.

Prior to taking up a position at UWE Bristol, Duncan worked as a Lecturer at the University of Glamorgan and as a Research Officer for the Home Office. In 2007, he co-authored the Home Office study ‘Investigating and Detecting Recorded Offences of Rape’, which analysed factors relevant to the attrition of rape cases in the Criminal Justice System. He also has research interests in transnational crime and terrorism, and has delivered conference papers on international sex tourism.

Dr Noëlle Quénivet - Noëlle's UWE Bristol profile

Noëlle has been researching the topic of sexual violence in armed conflict since 1999 when she started her PhD at the University of Essex (UK). Her book 'Sexual Offenses in Armed Conflict and International Law' was awarded the Honourable Mention by the Francis Lieber Society of the American Society of International Law in 2006. She has since then published on the zero-tolerance policy of the UN , the role of the International Criminal Court in prosecuting peacekeepers for sexual offences and girl child soldiers, stressing that portraying women and girls as powerless and passive victims glosses over their, albeit limited yet existing, power and strips them of their agency and autonomy.

Noelle has run courses on women and children in armed conflict on various master and professional courses and presented a range of papers on the topic at conferences and public lectures in the United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands. Noelle is currently a member of the Research Network on Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict.

Professor Phil Rumney - Phil's UWE Bristol profile

Phil has been engaged in research concerning criminal justice responses to rape for two decades. Much of this work has involved doctrinal and socio-legal analysis of adult male rape, rape sentencing, and the policing and courtroom treatment of rape complainants, false allegations and the impact of social attitudes on rape law enforcement.

He has authored or co-authored 52 articles, book chapters, reports and reviews, including seven refereed papers in The Modern Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and The Cambridge Law Journal. His work has been cited in numerous books, parliamentary debates, government reports and journals in this country and abroad. Phil has also been invited to give talks to various bodies, including: the Judicial College, Royal Society of Medicine, law enforcement personnel, Victim Support and legal practitioners.

Phil is engaged in several empirical studies concerning sexual violence, including a school-based sexual violence myth-busting project; an evaluation of a specialist police rape investigation unit and a study of attitudes towards people charged with serious criminal wrongdoing. He recently co-organised a one-day event at UWE Bristol, entitled: Victims and perpetrators of sexual violence: law, policy and research update seminar, which attracted attendees from the police and probation service, lawyers, voluntary sector, support groups, students and scholars.

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