About us

The Sexual Violence Research Network (SVRN) is a network of scholars, students, criminal justice professionals and agencies based at the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

UWE Bristol scholars are involved in research concerning various forms of sexual violence and examine the issue from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds, including law, criminology, and psychology. They have a long history of working on socio-legal, social science and policy research and knowledge exchange activities in the field of sexual violence.

The SVRN provides a focal point for this work, and is a means by which scholars, students, NGOs and professionals in diverse locations can become part of a wider network of people working in this diverse area.

Current research areas

UWE Bristol scholars are currently involved in research, consultancy, knowledge exchange and public engagement projects concerning such things as:

  • sexual offending in virtual communities
  • human trafficking
  • the development of educational programmes for the prevention of violence and abuse in schools and universities
  • sex offender reintegration and police responses to rape
  • rape and sexual assault within the criminal justice process.

This work concerns domestic issues, but also stresses a transnational approach to understanding sexual violence, victimisation and offending patterns and behaviour.

Network objectives

The Network has several objectives:

  • To develop links and collaborative ventures with the criminal justice sector and other agencies
  • To highlight the work and expertise of UWE Bristol scholars in the area of sexual violence, broadly defined
  • To provide a means of engagement with those outside of UWE Bristol through events, consultancy and our social media presence
  • To collaborate with others in order to develop evidence-based practice and policy-making.

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