The Creative Leadership Project

This is a project linking research and practice to create new ways of leading in public service organisations. The project has so far included three interactive workshops that have drawn on three distinct areas of expertise in relation to creative leadership and that have attracted both practitioners and academics.


For the past century, our views of leadership theory and leadership development have been dominated by a conceptual understanding of leadership and management that is deeply rooted within the English language. It is time now to uncover language-specific roots of leadership, management and other relevant concepts in other languages. This will enable a greater understanding of leadership practice and inform culturally sensitive leadership development initiatives.

This workshop has drawn on findings from research commissioned by the Welsh Government into the existence, meaning and use of the concepts of leading, managing and directing in the Welsh language.


Many believe the NHS is currently undergoing the most radical change since its inception 65 years ago. With budgets at best fixed and demand increasing, the need to innovate is widely recognised. But how far does organisational climate help or hinder innovation? And what role might leadership and leadership learning have to play?

This workshop has drawn on the findings from research commissioned by the Strategic Health Authority into leadership learning and the everyday experience of leading innovation in the health and social care sector.


Leading work space change, be it office re-design, planning innovative work spaces or creating more flexible workplaces, is a complex and demanding process. Increasingly organisations are under pressure to reduce the cost of work space, whilst at the same time designing spaces that unite workers and inspire users. However, making successful changes to the physical environment at work can lead to increased employee engagement and well-being, more flexible ways of working and have a positive impact on performance.

This Workshop has drawn on findings from a UWE SPUR4 funded project in association with the Environment Agency, Bristol, exploring the award winning 'Horizon House', the new Environment Agency headquarters. Built to unite 1,000 staff from across the South West and to meet with detailed sustainability criteria, the new offices provide open-plan, flexible and innovative work spaces. The workshop examined the impact this change process has had on employees and their responses to the transformation of their work space, post-occupancy.

Participants have greatly enjoyed the workshops and further interactive workshops are planned for 2013/14.

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