Encouraging sustainable transport choice

 characters walking and cycling

Our research within this area looks at strategies to promote and encourage sustainable travel and transport modes.

Ongoing Research

Speed limits and driving behaviour

This study area examines car-dominant cultures and seeks ways to influence these. For example in the UK the introduction of urban 20mph limits is taking place across the UK, but whilst support for these is high, behavioural compliance is much lower, with speed limits rarely adhered to. We are studying the determinants of these kinds of driving behaviours alongside the use of ways of improving this.

Contact: Professor Alan Tapp

The Image of Cycling 

Cycling occupies an uncertain cultural position in motorised cultures such as that within the UK. Media reports of the growth of cycling somewhat miss continuing disapproval of cyclists and widespread misunderstandings on-road between cyclists and motorists. Our studies of these areas include ongoing national surveys and on-line content analysis of material.

Contact: Professor Alan Tapp

Self-monitoring and behaviour change amongst cyclists 

We examined how self-monitoring technology could be used to encourage cycling. We conducted an online survey and in-depth field study looking at the use of personal tracking devices by cyclists. We are currently preparing the second stage of this project to look at the role of self-monitoring in dangerous cycling.

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