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Here you will find details of previous projects that the Centre has been involved in, including historical projects from our previous incarnation as Bristol Social Marketing Centre (2007-2015). Current research projects at the Centre for the Study of Behaviour Change and Influence (CSBCI) can be found on our Research Projects pages.

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Social marketing and early detection of cancer

In collaboration with a variety of project partners, Bristol Social Marketing Centre focused on developing specific targeted actions to change behaviour, increase knowledge and raise awareness about cancer.

The research undertaken in the different projects covered a range of topics relating to behaviour change; knowledge, attitudes and beliefs regarding prevention and cancer detection strategies; perceived norms and influences, as well as information sources and preferences.

Social marketing to promote and encourage sustainable travel and transport modes

BSMC developed expertise in the marketing of cycling, with specific knowledge on the nature of the decision to cycle and how marketing techniques could influence this.

Our research sought to understand the barriers to sustainable transport options and to develop knowledge to support their development. One of the objectives was to create a solid platform of understanding that could feed into brand building and marketing communications for promotion.

Social marketing to improve and encourage road safety

Research projects in this theme aimed to encourage safer behaviour and to reduce road danger and the number of people killed and injured on our roads every year.

By encouraging more cycling and walking, we wanted to give people the opportunity to exercise as part of their daily routine. Having streets where residents talk to each other with less interruption from traffic hazards or the hum of an engine could go toward rebuilding communities.

Using social marketing techniques to improve health and encourage exercise

Communication within the public health area has developed over the last two decades. Public health professionals are learning to listen to the needs and desires of the target audience themselves, and building the program from there.

A social marketing approach can help develop this consumer focus, and BSMC worked with key organisations in the public health community to embed social marketing principles into health improvement programmes, with in-depth research and evaluation of programs.

Behaviour change intervention management

Innovation in behaviour change ideology and theory: Examining the politics, ideology and best practice of innovative behaviour change research and intervention

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