Fifth International COSINUS Conference Oxford, UK: Innovation Systems and the New Role of Universities

The next COSINUS Conference will take place from 1112 January 2018 at Oxford Brookes University.

Conference theme

University-industry interactions in a time of turbulence – opportunities and challenges

Practical details

Please take a look at the event information on the Oxford Brookes website for further details.

About the conference

The significance of the role universities play in the development of knowledge economy is still widely acknowledged and actively debated in both developed and developing countries. Following the footpath of the first two conferences which took place in Bristol (UK) in 2008 and 2011, and the third and the fourth which were organised in Algeria (Oran, December 2013 and Bordj Bou Arreridj in September 2014), the fifth International COSINUS Conference will be held in Oxford (Thursday 11 and Friday 12 January 2018). 

This conference will cover a wide range of topics around the issue of university-industry interactions, with a greater focus placed on the new role of universities and their impact on the social and economic development both at the national and regional levels.

This conference will provide a forum for academics, university/college management personnel, industry practitioners, planners, policy makers and other key stakeholders to discuss issues relating to best practice in knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing, and strategies for deepening and broadening effective university-industry interactions.

The conference invites participants from university, industry and policy circles to share their expertise and experience in areas that would strengthen the role of universities as lead players in the process of technological progress, wealth creation, equity and sustainability. Young researchers and PhD students from different disciplinary studies are also encouraged to participate.

The following are suggested as sub-themes, but are not exclusive:

  • best practices for university – industry interaction
  • best practices for technology transfer offices
  • business incubators and entrepreneurship
  • universities’ spin-off strategy
  • the role of universities in local social economic development
  • civic mission of universities
  • gender issues and new role of universities  
  • entrepreneurial university and society
  • university – industry interaction and social network analysis
  • university – industry interaction and employability
  • university – industry interaction and commercialisation
  • university – industry interaction and the role of knowledge absorptive capacity
  • Entrepreneurial university and intellectual property strategy
  • university – small and medium enterprises interaction
  • new business models to support university-industry interaction
  • new role of universities in knowledge economies
  • key determinants of industry – university effective interaction
  • governance of industry – university interaction.


Chair of Conference Organisation Committee:

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