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Gender equality in public services

Margaret Page holds dual membership of CESR and of the Bristol Leadership Centre in the Faculty of Business and Law. Her research draws upon current themes within organisation studies, such as leadership, learning and change, and is located in the practices of doing equality work in public services. Her co-authored monograph Gender Equality in Public Services, Chasing the Dream, with Hazel Conley, was published by Routledge (November 2014) and launched at the UNISON HQ in London in March 2015.

With her colleague, Sue Durbin, she is co-authoring a Special Issue of the journal Gender Work and Organization on the theme of gendered resistance to austerity, and they are planning a workshop to promote and extend research with local activists and researchers into the impact of austerity on equality work.

Margaret is an active member of equality forums in Bristol and the South West, including Bristol Women's Commission and Fair Play South West Gender Network, where she continues to link her research to activism and practice. Margaret's research aims to support imagination as a resource within leading organisation and social change.

The introduction and enaction of Neighbourhood Policing

Paul Bennett’s PhD thesis explored the introduction and enaction of Neighbourhood Policing (NP) in the British Police service. NP represents an important, new approach to policing and has had a significant impact on the skills and competencies needed to police effectively.  The research has highlighted the conflict between the 'softer' discourses of NP and the harder, more masculine discourses of 'real' police work.

Paul’s research examines how the key Neighbourhood Policing concept of 'community' was represented in different ways during the training of new Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and highlights how the often oversimplified and stable discourses of community are contested and subject to reconstruction by officers who represent more traditional, force-led approaches to policing. The research explores the relationship between identity performance and organisational culture. 

Psychological contract, trust and the employment relationship in times of crisis: A review of the Greek health service

Vlasios Sarantinos' doctoral research considers the impact of the financial crisis for four occupational groups within the Greek NHS. The aim is to evaluate the impact of budgetary restrictions on the psychological contract and employee trust in management. Equally the research considers the configuration of employment relations in public healthcare which is relatively highly unionised and its implications. 

Integrated locality teams for services to adults: North Somerset Community Partnership pilot study evaluation

Successive government policies have promoted 'competition and patient choice' reforms of the English NHS and also the integration of health and social care delivery ('care closer to home') Over 2013-14, Stephanie Tailby, Ana Lopes and Stella Warren completed an evaluation study of the transition to integrated locality care teams in North Somerset, with a focus on staff engagement with the new ways of working. The research involved focus groups, an employee questionnaire survey and interviews with managers, community health and social care staff (60 interviews in total). Reports were completed (September 2013, September 2014) for the Joint Management Team representing the health care and social care provider organisations involved. The community health provider among them has since incorporated the evaluation tool developed during the study.

The study has led on to further research on the work and employment effects of the Transforming Community Services agenda initiated by the Labour government in 2006 and completed by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in 2011 when Primary Care Trusts were abolished and community health services were obliged to find another organisational home within the NHS or to become a 'standalone' NHS Trust or a social enterprise contractor to the NHS.

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