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This page provides details of some of the most recent books authored or co-authored by members of the Centre for Employment Studies Research.

The Maltreated and the Malcontents: Working in the Great Western Cotton Factory 1838 - 1914Great Western Cotton book front cover

Dr Michael Richardson

The Maltreated and the Malcontents reveals a gendered working class resistance based on action existing outside the framework of formal organizations as well as within them. From the 1830's to the early twentieth century, Barton Hill workers endured long working hours, high rates of industrial accidents and ill-health from the cotton dust and humidity. Moreover, they were subjected to wage cuts and fines by a series of unrelenting managers.

Mike Richardson documents frequent acts of rebellion in which the women played a leading part; vocal protests, riotous resistance and thefts of inferior cotton to prevent loss of pay. He shows how workers also took their grievances to court in defiance of the legal bias against them.

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Women Who Succeed: Strangers in paradise?Women who succeed

Sue Durbin

The number of women in senior management remains stubbornly low after decades of research and debate, despite the increase in the number of women in the workplace, their academic attainment, numerous government enquiries and milestone changes in equality legislation. 'Women Who Succeed' examines the real life experiences of forty-six senior women, across five public and private sector organisations in the UK, who have 'made it' into senior management, some at the very highest level. It considers the strategies that these women adopted, the support they received from mentors and role models and the relationships they formed along the way, through networking. It concludes with their views on their own futures and their advice to other women. The prospects for increasing the numbers of women in senior management do not look bright without the support of senior women themselves and government legislation for mandatory quotas.

Publication date: November 2015, Palgrave Macmillan

Blacklisted: The secret war between big business and union activists

Blacklisted - Book cover

David Smith and Phil Chamberlain

Blacklisted tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies used to keep union activists away from work.

Drawing on first-hand accounts of the workers, Blacklisted reveals how, when major construction projects were unionised, those involved were unlawfully victimised. From the building sites to the High Court, this is a story of ordinary working people taking on some of the most powerful transnational companies in the world.

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Gender Equality in Public Services: Chasing the Dream

Chasing the Dream - book cover

Hazel Conley and Margaret Page

The provision of state funded and democratically accountable care services represents one of the most potentially transformative advances in gendered social relations and equality for women by ‘defamilising’ care and providing paid work. But the cost of providing these services, which women have access to them and how they should be provided are always at the forefront of debate, especially during economic crises. Socially funded and publicly accountable care services are therefore a key site of feminist activity, but also the frontline for spending cuts and 'reform' during times of austerity.

Gender Equality in Public Services analyses how gender equality work in British public services is changing in response to factors including: equality legislation; the erosion of local democracy, privatisation of public services and new forms of feminist activism and leadership. It also assesses the challenges and opportunities for promoting women’s equality in producing and using public services.

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Strikers, Hobblers, Conchies & Reds

Strikers, Hobblers, Conchies and Reds - book coverDave Backwith, Roger Ball, Stephen E Hunt and Mike Richardson

In the 1970s and 80s a revival of interest emerged in researching Bristol’s vigorous radical past, which has been echoed in the more recent historical studies concerning the involvement of the Bristol women’s movement in the nineteenth century in anti-slavery campaigns, social reform, and the struggle for the emancipation of women. However, significant gaps in our knowledge still exist and there have been too few works that focus on the local dimension in examining, over an extensive time span, the pattern and dynamics of working class movements.

This collection of essays from members of the Bristol Radical History Group traces the relationship between labour struggles and the new ideas and practice of general unionism, socialism and anarchism in Bristol and the surrounding area from the late nineteenth century through to the inter-war years. Our analysis of this important period focuses on the experiences and actions of the participants and their organisations from the unruly River Pilots fighting to maintain their traditional ways of working, through the massive strike waves of the 1890s and the Great Unrest of the pre-WW1 years to the violent unemployed demonstrations of the 1930s. Along the way we sample the delights of coffee houses, see the emergence of socialism and anarchism as distinct currents in the labour movement and discover the radical ideas which originally lay behind the garden suburbs of Southmead, Knowle West and Sea Mills.

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Globalization and Work

Globalization and Work - book coverSteve Williams, Harriet Bradley, Ranji Devadason and Mark Erickson

This engaging book offers a lively and rigorous synthesis of the varied interconnections between work and globalisation. Drawing on relevant sociological insights, and based on extensive, up-to-date research studies of work and employment, it brings together for the first time in a single volume a range of key topics, including: consumption, work and identity in a globalising world; work and employment in multinationals; international labour standards; trade unions, labour movements and labour conflict under globalisation; gender and inequality; migrant labour; transnational mobility; and the organisation of work in global factories. 

Globalization and Work challenges conceptions of globalisation as a project orchestrated by governments, multinational companies and international agencies. The authors highlight the importance of integrating a grounded, bottom-up perspective which recognises that globalisation is not just something that happens to working people, thereby revealing the fascinating extent to which workers actively engage in producing globalisation. Throughout, the book contains a number of features to deepen understanding, including case study boxes of topical examples from across the globe.

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