New Ethnographic Practices to Study Business and Organisations

The project

How to study business and organising on permanent movement: new ethnographic practices to study the borderlands.

Project Outputs

Hugo Gaggiotti was awarded a British Academy Award under the Newton Mobility Grants Scheme for his research project on applying organisational ethnography to study business and organising on the American-Mexican borderlands.

One of the outputs of the project was to produce a video ethnography with materials compiled by the 16 members of the project, that include Professor Jose Luis Ramos form ENAH-Mexico and Dr Janeth Martinez from Colegio of Chihuahua. The participants decided to conduct fieldwork on one of the bridges which link Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and El Paso (USA), as they considered that “crossing the bridge” is part of the cultural ethos of those who live and work in the borderlands.

View the video.

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