Earlier research projects

Staff members who have been involved in research projects are listed below:

Change leadership and learning in organisations
Dr Margaret Page

Gender equality change practices in local government
Dr Margaret Page with Queen Mary University of London

Arts based research
Dr Margaret Page with Oxford Brookes and Bristol University

Communication and media strategies after disasters occur
Dr Olivier Ratle

Effective group work in complex and uncertain times
Dr Nadine Tchelebi

Investigating resistance to change in Cardiff Borough Council through the use of 'Social Photo Matrix'
Dr Nadine Tchelebi

Liminality and Leadership Learning
Dr Gareth Edwards with Exeter University

Learning the language of entrepreneurship
Dr Carol Jarvis with Mondragon University, Spain and Jyvaskyla University of Applied Science, Finland

Women's participation in the democratic transition
Dr Nadine Tchelebi and Peter Simpson with PeaceWomen Across the Globe

Theorising Leadership Development in Business Schools
Hugo Gaggioti and Peter Simpson

Exploring Introversion in Management and Business Learning Spaces
Eda Ulus and Ingle Aben

Reform of agricultural extension services in Lao People's Demographic Republic
Peter Case with Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Improving leadership and management of malaria elimination programmes globally
Peter Case with with Gates Foundation, in collaboration with Global Health Group, Malaria Elimination Initiative, University of California San Francisco

Leadership and governance of conservation and development in Solomon Islands
Peter Case in collaboration with ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, James Cook University

Wisdom at work: philosophical practices for leading and organising
Peter Case

Leadership and Ethnography
Neil Sutherland

Environmental Jolts and Organisational Nostalgia: An Intergenerational Study of the individual experience of US Airline Pilots
Dr Amy Fraher, Olivier Ratle and Eda Ulus

Early-career academics as institutional entrepreneurs
Olivier Ratle with Alexandra Bristow, University of Surrey and Sarah Robinson, University of Leicester

Rhetoric and the management of risk: Communication strategies during the Estonia Disaster Inquiry
Olivier Ratle with Hannu Haenninen, Aalto University

Developing an evidence-based framework for effective multi-disciplinary behaviour change intervention management
Olivier Ratle and Fiona Wilson

Rhetoric and Incommensurability in management studies
Olivier Ratle and David Knights, Swansea University

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