Bristol Leadership and Change Centre: Past speakers

Date Speaker Title
14 March 2018

Victoria Hurth

Plymouth University

Characterising Marketing Paradigms for Sustainable Marketing Management
7 February 2018

Georgia Williams

Royal Air Force

Grayson Perry, Default Man and Me
6 December 2017

Elinor Rebeiro and Julian Burton

Delta7 Change Ltd

Do relationships matter in the work place?

9 November 2017

Camilla Morales 

Rio de Janeiro University

Fabian Frenzel

University of Leicester

Slum tourism in Rio de Janeiro
7 June 2017

Dr Damian O’Doherty

University of Manchester

Reconstructing Organization: The 'Loungification' of Society

10 March 2917

UWE PhD Students

Doctoral Symposium

Mobilising change in difficult times
1 March 2017

Dr Nadia Zainuddin

University of Wollongong, Australia

Serving yourself: Value self-creation in health care service
30 November 2016

Dr Karen  Blakeley

University of Winchester

The crisis of leadership: what's love got to do  with it?

26 October 2016

Dr Robyn V. Remke

Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University

Leading with Commitment and Understanding: Addressing the Gender Gap in European Business Schools

12 October 2016

Professor Kevin Morrell

Warwick Business School

Leadership: The Hollow Crown
13 July 2016

Professor Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila

Aalto University

Leadership Styles, Dialogue, and Ethics
19 May 2016 Dr Mark Hughes

Brighton Business School
The Leadership of Organisational Change
24 February 2016 Professor Jonathan Gosling Power Tactics: A Pragmatic Theory for Analysing and Planning a Career in Power (ie Leadership)
3 February 2016 Dr Beverley Hawkins
University of Exeter
Leadership Matters: Attending to the Material Leadership in Leadership Learning and Practice
11 November 2015 Dr Simon Western
Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd
A Dialogue on Autonomist Leadership and Eco-Leadership
28 October 2015 Professor Robin Hambleton Place-based leadership and the inclusive city: an international analysis
19 October 2015

Dr Howard Youngs
Auckland University of Technology

Professor Sandra Jones
RMIT University, Australia

Distributed Leadership in Education 

3 March 2015

Professor Keith Grint

University of Warwick

On looking for a Map and finding a Mirror: The contradictions and complexities of decision-making
19 March 2015

ERSC Research Seminar-Bristol

Dr Carol Jarvis Anita Gulati Dr Caroline Ramsey

Professor Peter Malinowski Aileen Edwards

Mindfulness and Leadership for transformative and compassionate care


11 March 2015

Professor Richard Bolden

UWE Bristol, FBL Inaugural Lecture

Leadership paradoxes: Rethinking leadership for the 21st century

11 March 2015

Professor Steve Kempster

University of Lancaster

Relevant and Rigorous Leadership Research: A critical realist view (in association with the Leadership Trust)
9 February 2015

Dr Marian Iszatt White

University of Lancaster

Emotional Labour and Authenticity: Constructing leadership identity

10 December 2014

Dr Ajit Nayak

University of Exeter

Wisdom and the tragic question: Moral learning and emotional perception in leadership and organisations
2 December 2014

John McCormack, Carol Propper, Sarah P Smith

University of Bristol

Herding Cats? Management and Performance in UK Universities

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13 November 2014 Bristol Leadership Centre Public Launch Leading in Times of Uncertainty and Complexity - An Introduction to Bristol Leadership Centre
5 November 2014

Professor Denis Tourish

Professor of Leadership and Organisation Studies,Royal Holloway

Complexity leadership theory: A processual, communication critique, and suggested modifications

24 October 2014 ESRC Research Seminar (London) Meditation and Responsible Leadership
23 October 2014 ESRC Research Seminar (London) What can ethics, philosophy and spirituality contribute to organisational leadership?
16 October 2014

Professor Arie de Geus

(Distinguished Professorial Address)

The Case for Fundamental Change in Business Management
15 October 2014 Professor David Weir Liminality rules OK! Leadership in transition in a not quite warzone
19 September 2014 Dr Adrian McLean Revisiting questions of Culture, Change
and Leadership in Organisations: Leader as Weaver among Weavers
February 2014

Dr Marian Iszatt-White

Lancaster University

Leadership as Emotional Labour

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