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Our research is published in leading academic journals, as well as in a range of books, reports and practitioner articles, many of which are accessible through the UWE Bristol Research Repository.

Latest publications by BLCC members

  • Creativity in leadership (part 2)

    Turner, A. F. (2018) Creativity in leadership (part 2). In: Creativity - Leadership workshop for EDF Energy. Available from:

  • Creative ways of engaging consultancy clients

    Turner, A. F. (2018) Creative ways of engaging consultancy clients. In: Creative ways of engaging clients, UWE Bristol, England, 14 February 2018. Available from:

  • The use of puppets to enhance coaching conversations

    TURNER, A. F. (2017) The use of puppets to enhance coaching conversations. In: Turner, A. F. , ed. Use of finger puppets in Executive coaching, UWE Bristol, England, 24 November 2017. Available from:

  • Creativity in leadership

    Turner, A. F. (2017) Creativity in leadership. In: Creativity in Leadership. Available from:

View all our publications on the UWE Bristol Research Repository

Our members have also contributed to a number of books:

Field Guide to Leadership Development book cover

Field Guide to Leadership Development
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Date: 2017

Steve Kempster, Arthur F. Turner and Gareth Edwards (eds)

Visit Edward Elgar Publishing for further info

Beyond Behaviour Change

Beyond Behaviour Change
Publisher: Policy Press

Date: 2016

Edited by Fiona Spotswood, UWE Bristol

Leadership Paradoxes

Leadership Paradoxes: Rethinking Leadership for an Uncertain World
Publisher: Routledge

Date: 2016

Richard Bolden, UWE Bristol, UK, Morgen Witzel, University of Exeter, UK and
Nigel Linacre, Extraordinary Leadership Ltd, UK (eds)

Visit Routledge for information and reviews.

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Community As Leadership

Community As Leadership

Gareth Edwards

Publisher: Elgar

Date: 2015

Read about this book at Edward Elgar.


Gender Equality in Public Services

Gender Equality in Public Services: Chasing the Dream

Hazel Conley and Margaret Page

Publisher: Routledge

Date: November 2014

Visit Routledge for more information.


Attention Cooperation Purpose

Working in Groups: Attention, Cooperation and Purpose. Using Insights from Wilfred Bion

Robert French and Peter Simpson

Date: In press - September 2014

Publisher: Karnac Books

Visit Karnac Books for a synopsis.

Studying Leadership

Studying Leadership: Traditional and Critical Approaches

Doris Schedlitzki and Gareth Edwards (interview: p9 ILA July 2014 Newsletter)

Date: March 2014

Publisher: Sage Publications

Visit Sage Publications for more information and Electronic inspection copies.

Belief and Organization

Belief and Organisation

Peter Case, Heather Hopfl and Hugo Letiche (Eds)

Date: October 2012

Publisher: Palgrave

Visit Palgrave for more information.


Worldly Leadership

Worldly Leadership: Alternative Wisdoms for a Complex World

Sharon Turnbull, Peter Case, Gareth Edwards, Doris Schedlitzki and Peter Simpson (eds)

Date: December 2011

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

See publishers site for more information.

Exploring Leadership

Exploring Leadership: Individual, Organisational, and Societal Perspectives

Richard Bolden, Beverley Hawkins, Jonathan Gosling and Scott Taylor

Date: July 2011

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Go to Oxford University Press for more information.

Fundamentals of Leadership

John Adair: Fundamentals of Leadership

Jonathan Gosling, Peter Case and Morgen Witzel

Date: June 2007

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Visit Palgrave for more information.


Making Projects Critical

Making Projects Critical

Damian Hodgson and Svetlana Cicmil (Eds)

Date: September 2006

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Check out Palgrave Macmillan for more information.

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