Systems of Innovation, Procurement and Supply (SIPS) Group

The Systems of Innovation, Procurement and Supply (SIPS) Group is led by Professor Mohammed Saad and includes researchers from UWE's Bristol Business School.

Professor Mohammed Saad Mohammed left the Faculty of Languages and European Studies in August 1999 to join Strategic and Operations Management where he is a Reader in Innovation and Operations Management.
Professor Andrew Douglas

Andrew was appointed a Professor within the Department of Strategy and Operations Management in June 2010. He has previously been a Visiting Professor and before that Visiting Fellow over the last 10 years. Andrew has played a key role in the I-Series of research, particularly providing the practitioners knowledge and experience, and continues to help lead the latest I-Research projects. He also supports undergraduate and post modules lecturing in the area of Purchasing and Supply Management.

Andrew has a wealth of Procurement experience in a career spanning over 30 years. His previous roles included Vice President of Supply Management for Honeywell across Europe. This covered 14 factories, over 50 sales offices and 23 countries with a total external spend in excess of $5 billion. As well as having a European Purchasing responsibility he was also was a member of Honeywell’s Global Supply Management Board and led many of their worldwide initiatives. He has also held senior Procurement positions at Oracle, Westinghouse, Hawker Siddeley and Invensys. He now spends much of his time advising business leaders in both the Public and Private sectors on strategic and operational aspects of Procurement. In addition he chairs an independent knowledge exchange forum of leading Procurement practitioners. Also a sought after speaker, Andrew regularly supports the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply National and Regional events and forums.

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Dr Wendy Phillips

Wendy is a Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Technology Management at Bristol Business School. She holds a PhD and an MSc in Technical Change and Industrial Strategy from Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (PREST), the University of Manchester. Prior to her current position, Wendy worked at the Centre for Research in Strategic Purchasing and Supply (CRiSPS), University of Bath, working on a range of projects with an innovation focus including an IMRC funded project “Innovation in Supply Networks” (ISN), the Discontinuous Innovation Forum (DIF), which was funded by the DTI , an NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency (NHS PASA) study looking at the management of disruptive change and “Smart Pods”, an EPSRC funded project looking at the redesign of emergency care services.

Dr Glenn Parry Glenn has worked extensively in the Aerospace, Automotive and Construction sectors, completing projects with leading firms. He has expertise in industrial applications of Service, Lean, Core Competence and Enterprise Change. Glenn is a Principal Lecturer in Strategy and Operations Management at Bristol Business School. Glenn holds a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge University, a BSc in Chemistry and Business and an MPhil in Materials Science from Swansea University, a Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education and a Diploma in Psychotherapy from Warwick University. He has previously worked for British Steel, LEK Consulting, WMG at the University of Warwick and the School of Management at the University of Bath. Glenn has an impressive track record of funding received from EPSRC and the EU and has edited three books: “Build to Order: The Road to the 5-day Car”, “Service Design and Delivery” and “Complex Engineering Service: Concepts and Research” published by Springer.
Dr Pete James Like Mohammed, Pete also left the Faculty of Languages and European Studies in August 1999 to join the department of Strategic and Operations Management. Peter’s  PhD is called, "Supplier Development, Actors and Regional Development: The Case of Wales and the South West of England." As well as I-series research projects, Pete's research interests include supply chain management, innovation and supplier development.
Dr Ben  Ramdani

Ben’s research interests lie in IT -enabled business change, particularly in the role required of senior managers to successfully orchestrate such change. His research investigates how senior managers can most effectively select, implement, and deploy IT to achieve business goals. His current research falls in two categories:

  • to investigate how firms can build capabilities to deliver incremental business value from IT
  • to explore disruptive change and how businesses that may be well managed, customer-friendly, and technologically advanced-they are still susceptible to failure or to being overtaken by upstart competitors.

Ben’s experience includes a consulting activity focused on advising firms on IT and strategy related matters and how to unlock business value from their IT investments.



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