Higher Education Research

The Centre is involved in an impressive range of higher education research including pedagogical and educational management studies. Ismail Adelopo, Associate Professor in our Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, has been leading research into learning styles and the advantage that group working can provide in an increasingly collaborative learning environment.

This study explored the effects of group diversity features on the quality of group reflection. The students worked in groups of five to create a piece of academic writing and to then produce a joint reflective report after this. The relationship between the diversity features and the quality of the group reflection was then explored.

This study of learning groups and reflective learning highlights the many benefits of collaborative learning underpinned by the value of diversity and reflective practice. Both diversity and reflective practice are key issues in executive coaching and learning and our research is providing new insights into how the workforce can focus on building value-enhancing attitudes in a group setting. Such important attitudes including being able to both feedback and feed-forward are increasingly crucial in today’s modern, high-paced, and competitive digital economy.

Our ongoing research into learners’ engagement in generating and providing feedback integrates reflective practice that facilitates a questioning attitude needed to identify learning points from past, current and intended actions. Our research therefore supports the development of strategic thinking skills in learners of all levels to achieve identified goals. It also has practical implications for organisations, by addressing the issues of learning, diversity, reflective practice and strategic thinking in the workforce. These issues are central to corporate survival, renewal and developments and are relevant to organisations of all sizes.

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