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About us

In Accounting and Finance, we focus on cutting edge research that makes a real life difference to individuals, corporate investors, fund managers and businesses of various sizes. We ask contemporary and challenging questions, and explain intractable problems intuitively. 

Research and engagement

We adopt an interdisciplinary approach to research and explore issues from multiple paradigms. Our research can be broadly categorised into four overlapping themes:

  • Asset pricing and investment: Our capital asset pricing model (CAPM) provides fresh perspectives and valuable information to consider when making crucial investment decisions at both individual and corporate levels. 
  • Our corporate governance research reflects our core competence in supporting businesses to think strategically about their optimal corporate structure that enhances their best performance. Our research with local businesses on the value of non-executive directors on SMEs boards is serving as basis for future broader investigation into NED value to businesses of all sizes.
  • Financial reporting is closely related to governance, which in turn is linked to a business agenda for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). How companies balance responsibilities to their shareholders and to society is an issue that has risen to prominence recently. Our researchers are studying the value created by businesses, and the costs and benefits of reputational effects and attitudes on compliance with standards of corporate behaviour.
  • Our management education research into work group dynamics and the value of group diversity to performance is crucial for the future work force. A number of our accounting researchers are engaged in research to enhance student experience, including evaluations of the impact of part time working on graduate prospects, international students’ transitions into Higher Education (HE) and diversity impacts on group performance in assessment.

We support small businesses on how they can understand their value, and understand what drives their productivity and growth. We advise on accountancy, and work with local government and devolved government bodies on business performance in the Bristol region.  Key to our work is our members’ engagement with organisations within and outside of Bristol.


Doctoral studies

Our doctoral students are an integral part of our vibrant research culture and are contributing to extending the frontiers of accounting and finance research.

Current PhD students

  • Hassan Haidar
  • Joseph Asante
  • Cheung Kwok Yip

Selected publications

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