The WED project

The WED (Wage & Employment Dynamics) project is being funded by ADR UK (Administrative Data Research UK), and will link data from various official surveys and administrative datasets, with the objective of providing new insights into the dynamics of earnings and employment in the UK. 

The project is led by Professor Felix Ritchie and Damian Whittard (UWE Bristol) and involves partners from UCL (Professor Alex Bryson), CASS Business School (John Forth) and NIESR (Lucy Stokes). The project is being supported by Arusha McKenzie and Van Phan, and will run from December 2019 to March 2022.

Through various data linking projects, we would endeavour to create a core data set which would allow integrated analysis of all forms of income across working lives, with the capacity to address a wide range of future analytical requirements. The end goal of the project is to turn this fully-linked dataset into a sustainable ‘wage and employment spine’ (WES), so that researchers no longer need to create new linkages each time. The linked data will be used for research purposes within the project itself, but the spine will form an ongoing resource for researchers. The intention is for the WES to form the basis for linked-data projects beyond 2022, both for academics and government agencies.

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