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2 May: 02/05/19: Dr Sara Stevano is currently in Mozambique conducting interviews with workers in the agro-processing industry. This is the second and last phase of data collection for the study funded by the Vice-Chancellor Early Career Researcher Grant.

29 April: Professor Felix Ritchie is at the ONS Earnings Workshop, talking about “Taking a partnership approach to earnings research: Building a Wage and Employment Spine.”  

29 April: Dr Peter Bradley is hosting our first one day conference on “Pro-environmental employee and consumer behaviour” today with a range of academics and practitioners presenting on topics related to behaviour change and sustainability.

9 April: Professor Felix Ritchie discusses “Making data available for research” at the Inxeda group of central bank researchers in Frankfurt today.

4 March: Professor Felix Ritchie has been awarded a tender worth £23K over the next six months to research and develop a training course on ‘output statistical disclosure control’ for the Office for National Statistics, helping those managing confidential data facilities to ensure that statistical results do not breach privacy when published.

22 February: Call for contributions from Dr Ian Smith (Regional Chair for the South West England Regional Studies Association) for the RSA Wales and South West section one day conference in Cardiff to be held on 22 May this year. The conference topic is ”Digital technologies, productivity gains and regional resilience: An SME focus.” View the event flyer for more information and call for contributions.

20 February: We are hosting a training workshop for the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE) today, organised by the Political Economy research cluster leader, Dr Susan Newman. In this workshop, scholars will be introducing different understandings of work in the contemporary context that draw upon, but not limited to, different interpretations of Marx. Sessions interrogate issues of the global division of labour, gendered labour and questions about automation and the rise in digital platforms that are changing the conditions and experiences of work.

15 February: The BCEF are hosting the ONS Economic Forum Spring 2019 on Friday 1 March here at the UWE Bristol Business School. We are also running a student employability event in the morning with guest speakers from ONS. See our event page for more details.

8 February: Dr Artjoms Ivlevs presented yesterday at the conference “Is there a future for trade unions?” convened by World Organization of Workers. Artjoms talked about trade unions in Central and Eastern Europe and how they helped protect jobs during the global economic crisis.

1 February: Dr Danielle Guizzo Archela, an associate researcher of Autonomy, has launched a policy report on a shorter working week entitled The shorter working week: A radical and pragmatic proposal. Autonomy is an independent, progressive think tank with one focus: work.

14 January: Professor Daniela Gabor, Dr Jo Michell and Dr Yannis Dafermos are working on an ESRC-funded project, Managing Supercycles: Globalisation and Institutional Change.


13 December: Dr Susan Newman is presenting at a workshop at Girton College (University of Cambridge) today: How to Conceptualise Financialisation in Developing and Emerging Economies? Manifestations, Drivers and Implications.

11 December: Dr Rob Calvert Jump has published a new paper with Paul Levine: Behavioural New Keynesian models.

6-7 December: Dr Susan Newman and Sudeep Jain (PhD student) are each presenting their research at the Futures of Finance and Society conference at the University of Edinburgh.

5 December: Dr Artjoms Ivlevs is presenting a paper about the effects of tourism on attitudes towards immigration (co-authored with Dr Ian Smith from BCEF) at the UCL’s Centre for Comparative Studies of Emerging Economies.

27 November: Dr Susan Newman is speaking at the Centre for African Studies seminar series at the University of Edinburgh tomorrow. Susan will be presenting her paper, New patterns in capital flight from South Africa.

25 November: Dr Sara Stevano was written a blog on social reproduction and women's work for The Journal of Agrarian Change: Social reproduction and women’s work in the Global South.

15 November: Dr Susan Newman is speaking at the seminar of the Centre on Labour and Global Production at Queen Mary University in London today.

8 November: Dr Jo Michell is chairing a panel of economists at the Bristol Festival of Ideas Schools Day today.

7 November: In the run up to this week’s Festival of Economics events, UWE Bristol's Economics students have been working on briefs for the official events.

30 November: Dr Danielle Guizzo will be joining the panel on "What Are Women Worth?" at the Bristol Festival of Ideas on Saturday 10 November.

29 October: Following her trip to Bali for the Annual Meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, Professor Daniela Gabor has published an op-ed in the Financial Times.

24 October: The BCEF are hosting a workshop on "The Causes and Consequences of Trust and Bribery in Society" on 1 March 2019. We welcome works from all the social sciences. More information on abstract applications.

22 October: Dr Peter Bradley has published a new paper in the Journal of Cleaner Production, “Integrating sustainable development into economics curriculum: A case study analysis and sector wide survey of barriers”. View the article.

18 October: Dr Artjoms Ivlevs is presenting on the long-term consequences of forced displacement on people's labour-market, health and education outcomes at the IDMC’s 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement Conference on internal displacement and sustainable development in Geneva.

16 October: Professor Felix Ritchie is attending the CESS 2018 (Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders) in Bamberg, Germany, on 18–19 October 2018, where he will be presenting his paper “Evidence-based, default-open, risk-managed, user-centred data access.

5 October: Dr Peter Bradley will be hosting a one day interdisciplinary conference on the topic “pro-environmental employee and consumer behaviour” on 29 April 2019.

27 September: We look forward to welcoming Steven Bosworth from University of Reading today for our first BCEF research seminar of the year, "Organizational Ethics, Narratives and Social Dysfunctions."

18 September: Dr Yannis Dafermos is at the Post-Growth 2018 conference in Belgium today, talking about climate change and finance.

12 September: Dr Susan Newman, Dr Lotta Takala-Greenish and Dr Sara Stevano are presenting at the 9th IIPPE Annual Conference in Political Economy at Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia.

28 August: Dr Jo Michell is hosting a special panel discussion "Should we fear the robots? Automation, productivity and employment" at the BAM conference on Monday 3 September.

24 August: Dr Artjoms Ivlevs has recently published a new paper in the Journal of Population Economics with Milena Nikolova and Carol Graham on the links between emigration and subjective well-being (evaluation of best possible life, happiness, stress, depression) of those staying behind: “Emigration, remittances, and the subjective well-being of those staying behind”.

21 August: Dr Peter Bradley has published a book chapter entitled "The Role of Social Norms in Incentivising Energy Reduction in Organisations" in the “Research Handbook on Employee Pro-environmental Behaviour”.

20 August: Dr Sebastian Berger has published a book review in the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, “Cents and Sensibility- What Economics Can Learn from the Humanities”.

14 August: An opportunity for fully-funded PhD studentships is currently being offered by the Faculty of Business and Law at UWE Bristol, starting January 2019. Find out more.

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