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About the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF)

The Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF) is home for the world-class research carried out at UWE Bristol in accounting, economics and finance. Our research is known for its practical applicability as well as its theoretical, methodological and historical foundations.

BCEF research is used by all types of organisation, such as PwC, Eurostat, the House of Lords, the European Central Bank, small and large charities, the Australian government, the International Labour Organisation, the NHS, UNCTAD, the Patent Office, and Bristol City Council. Staff and students participate in these collaborations to produce ground-breaking research that transforms our societies.

Recent funders of our research projects include the Office for National Statistics, the Economic and Social Research Council, PowerToChange, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, the British Academy, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

We also use these relationships to expand work experience opportunities for our students, as we believe they should have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the real world sooner rather than later. In particular, we offer our PhD researchers early opportunities to integrate their work with industry and government. A high proportion of our PhDs are sponsored by external organisations.

Our work is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary. We collaborate with researchers in such diverse fields as computer science, criminology and law, psychology, politics, environmental science, child health, education, and management. BCEF is organised into six research clusters:

  • The macroeconomics and financial systems cluster provides new insights on issues related to shadow banking, climate finance, fiscal and monetary policy, development finance and other key areas in macroeconomics and finance.
  • Our accounting and finance cluster covers financial decision-making in the modern world, from the business focus of corporate governance, business ethics and regulation, to the wider workings of global financial markets and investment management.
  • Our sustainability cluster analyses sustainability at every level of the economy, from helping businesses to identify non-financial value in sustainable practices, to helping central banks understand the implications for monetary policy of global warming.
  • Applied microeconomics research is wide ranging, spanning such fields as charity funding, immigration, robotics, well-being, sustainable housing, development policy, energy policy, food policy, minimum wages, and the cultural and institutional determinants of policy and government decision-making.
  • Our education and employability cluster covers research into teaching methods, employment outcomes, degree classification, part-time working and placements, and practice-based learning.
  • Our political economy research is motivated by our concern for social, economic and environmental justice and the pressing issues facing societies across the globe. Our current research interests include food and nutrition, agrarian change, industrial policy, globalised production, economic development and international development policies, governance and institutions, labour, gender and social reproduction, and history and philosophy of political economy.

For more information, visit our BCEF blog where our researchers highlight their research and areas of expertise.

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In the short one minute video below, Dr Lotta Takala-Greenish, Senior Lecturer in Economics and active member of the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance, introduces her research into economic industrialisation and explains how research at UWE Bristol is unique.

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In the two minute video below, Professor Felix Ritchie, Director of the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance, introduces some of the key research areas in Economics and Finance at UWE Bristol. BCEF's research at UWE Bristol provides a different way of looking at the world, providing a positive view and helping solve problems, seeing how things work for the good of society.

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