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About the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance (BCEF)

From the impact of migration to trends in automation, from financial systems to sustainability – at the Bristol Centre for Economics and Finance we cross disciplines to find solutions to the issues that businesses, governments and communities all face.

BCEF was created in 2017 from the merger of two Centres of Excellence: the Centre for Global Finance and Bristol Economic Analysis. With a reputation for the effectiveness of their quantitative and qualitative techniques, more than 35 researchers now work across all areas of business, the economy and society. We help think tanks, governments, industry and private sector organisations around the world.

We carry out rigorous applied research in the fields of corporate finance and accounting, productivity, economic growth, and societal change. Our research is internationally recognised and in some areas, such as modern financial systems or data security, we are world leaders in our subjects.

Taking an innovative approach to understanding how change links to wider societal issues, we question not just economic trends, but changes in financial systems, the microeconomics of business, working practices, migration and development. We look at the effects on well-being, on employment and on environmental sustainability.

This multidisciplinary approach draws on expertise from faculties and external organisations in areas as varied as psychology, management studies, marketing and criminology.

One of our main strengths is in turning complex analysis and research into practical applications that make a difference regionally, nationally and internationally. It’s why organisations such as the UK Data Archive, the Office for National Statistics and the HMRC have all chosen us for consultancy and change projects.

In the South West and Wales, our researchers are working with businesses and government to understand more about productivity. We’re helping Bristol City Council evaluate their workplace wellbeing charter. We’ve advised electricity companies on designing their tariffs to encourage use of off-peak electricity, and we’re working with a range of companies to develop models of business value.

Nationally, BCEF research into low pay has directly affected both the level of minimum wage and policies to ensure compliance. We’re helping charities to identify the financial characteristics that promote long-term survival, and we work with professional bodies to develop financial planning more generally.

Internationally, our researchers work with governments, international organisations, think-tanks, businesses and researchers across the world. Recent projects have involved advising the Greek and Australian governments, Eurostat, the European Central Bank, the International Labour Organisation, and European businesses.

By combining cutting-edge research with real-world expertise, our unique approach has a direct impact on the wider community; and we share our knowledge through educational development and pioneering teaching programmes.

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In the short YouTube video below, BCEF Director, Professor Felix Ritchie, talks about the work of the Centre and its areas of research specialisms.


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