Marketing Forum 3: Making the most of social media

The digital revolution has provided more ways than ever for organisations to communicate with their customers and stakeholders. Social media is potentially very important as part of a communications strategy, but recent research from the US suggests that only 15% of Chief Marketing Officers can confidently demonstrate the impact of their social media activity on their business.

In this forum Tim Hughes and Sammy Mansourpour will challenged business leaders to think about how their organisation uses social media and outline a way forward in developing an effective social media strategy. 

As usual in Marketing Forum meetings there was plenty of opportunities to discuss social media challenges with colleagues from other organisations and with staff from the Business School’s Applied Marketing Group.

Tim Hughes leads the Applied Marketing Group at the Business School.

Background of Speaker

Sammy Mansourpour is Managing Partner of fast growing and award winning integrated marketing firm The Agency, based in Bath and London. The Agency is ranked 45 in the UK’s top 100 agencies by RAR. Sammy specialises in brand response advertising and digital communications. Prior to founding The Agency, Sammy worked for Rapier London, Campaign’s Agency of the Decade and was the European Marketing Manager of a Fortune 500 company at the age of 23. He is also a board member of the CBI South West.

This forum was held on Monday 21 October.

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