Innovation Forum 3: The Use of Social Media to Fuel the Innovation Pipeline

Firms operate in an increasingly competitive world with new technological and environmental challenges to face every day. We all agree that innovation is the way to create and sustain a commercial advantage, so firms need as many tools as possible in order to help make this happen. This forum focused on one such tool: the use of social media.

The use of social media

Most companies 'do social media' but in reality this often means little more than having a Facebook page and writing the occasional promotional tweet.  While social media is not a silver bullet for all marketing problems, it does have one unique characteristic that simply cannot be matched by any other management technique: the opportunity it creates for people to collaborate.

It is on this feature that we'll focus and investigate methods that firms can adopt to use social media to fuel the creation, development and validation of new product or service ideas.  In other words, the process of 'ideation'.

Key topics are:

  • What is social media…really?
  • Where does it fit in the innovation pipeline?
  • How can firms exploit new communications channels to engage users?

Background of speaker

Dr Chris Archer-Brown is a lecturer at the University Of Bath School of Management. His work focuses on the use of social media inside and outside the organisation and is currently working with colleagues in Vancouver and California in an ambitious programme to understand 'Enterprise Social Media'.

Prior to completing his PhD, Chris was a co-founder of a consumer intelligence firm which employed 250 people offering advice to the UK's largest brands.  When the agency was acquired by Experian plc in 2006 he went on to lead their Marketing and Innovation team. 

Chris has worked with a number of SMEs and charities as an innovation and social media advisor. 

This forum was held on Monday 9 September 2013.

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