Expertise in the International and Human Rights Research Unit

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Expertise by staff member

Name and affiliation Research themes
Aida Abzhaparova
(HAS, HSS, Philosophy, Politics and IR)
International relations theory and practice, critical security studies, security architecture in the post-Soviet space.

Rick Ball
(FBL, Law)
Phil Cole
(HAS, HSS, Philosophy, Politics and IR)
Christian Dadomo
(FBL, Law)
EU constitutional and internal market law, international/EU/French competition law, international/EU/French environmental law.
Onita Das
(FBL, Law)
International environmental law, human rights and the environment, environment and armed conflict, sustainable development.
Rob East
(FBL, Law)
Jessica Elliott
(FBL, Law)
Human trafficking
Evadne Grant
(FBL, Law)
International human rights law, human dignity, equality, social and economic rights, human rights and the environment.
Sabine Hassler
(FBL, Law)
International law, UN Security Council, collective security, human security, responsibility to protect, peacekeeping, non-human personhood rights, corporate social responsibility.
Jackie Jones
(FBL, Law)
Violence against women, human trafficking, dignity and vulnerability, gender, sexuality and the law, equality, CEDAW.
Diana Johnson
(FBL, Law)
EU law, EU competition law, European human rights law, Human Rights Act.
Dimitris Kivotidis
(FBL, Law)
Constitutional law, constitutional theory, legal theory, philosophy of law, Marxism.
Zainab Khan
(FBL, Law)
Public participation in environmental decision making, access to justice, citizen empowerment in environmental matters.
Andy Kok
(FBL, Law)
WTO law, international economic and trade law, international contract law, shipping law.
Amy Man
(FBL, Law)
International economic law, international investment law, business and human rights, socio-economic rights.
Noëlle Quénivet
(FBL, Law)
International humanitarian law, women and children in armed conflict, child soldiers, terrorism, extra-territorial application of human rights law.
Suwita Hani Randhawa
(HAS, HSS, Philosophy, Politics and IR)
International relations theory, international criminal law, criminalisation in world politics, genocide, aggression.
Jona Razzaque
(FBL, Law)
International environmental law, environmental governance, human rights and environment, natural resource management, trade and environment.
Shilan Shah-Davis
(FBL, Law)
International child law, children's rights, women's rights, women and children in armed conflict, international human rights law, ‘honour-based’ violence/crimes, law and development.
Thomas Smith
(FBL, Law)
Fair trials, detention, right to liberty.
Simon Thompson
(HAS, HSS, Politics Programme)
Political philosophy, hate speech and freedom of expression, politics of multiculturalism, theories of recognition, statelessness and non-citizenship.
Thomas Webber
(FBL, Law)
European Convention on Human Rights, constitutional and administrative law, international law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law.

External members

Name and theme Key research interests
Anna Grear
(Cardiff University, UK)
Human rights theory, human rights and environment, ecology, corporations, globalisation, gender, post-humanism, vulnerability, complexity, legal subjectivity and the future.
Adam Reuben Climate refugees, refugee law, asylum law, European human rights law.

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